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October 1.1901-Afghan King Abdul Rahman Khan died

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October 1, 1901 (19 August 1901), the Afghan King Abdul Rahman Khan died.

Abdul Rahman Khan, King of Afghanistan (1880 to 1901), Dost Mohammad Khan's grandson. Failed struggle to compete for the right to the throne, his father Alfred bazar Khan, Abdul Rahman, also fled to Bukhara in 1869. Second Anglo-Arab war, he was in the instigation and support of the Russians, in 1880, returned from Central Asia to Afghanistan, and to reach a compromise with the British colonists (see Anti-British war in Afghanistan). After the evacuation of the British army, the one hand, he defeated the Afghan people's Anti-British armed forces, on the other hand the relentless fight against the local feudal separatist forces, to ensure domestic unity. He confiscated the land of Islam will and part of the emirate's exiled some chiefs, the restructuring of government institutions, strengthening the central authority, uniform weights and measures and currency. These measures to weaken the local separatist forces, thus contributing to the development of commercial trade. And begin the implementation of domestic reforms, the hiring of foreign experts, the introduction of foreign ordnance machine, the establishment of the first modern hospital. In the 70s of the 19th century, the British began to invade the border between India and Afghanistan Patan family independent tribal areas, has been the heroic resistance of the people of these tribes, Abdul Rahman Khan sympathized with the struggle of these tribes, Give them to all kinds of support. In September 1885, on the northwest borders of Afghanistan to reach an agreement with Russia. Under strong pressure from the British military and diplomatic, in 1893, he was forced to accept the Durand Line as India, A boundary line. Died on October 1, 1901. Abdul Rahman Khan autobiography book describes the life and claims on domestic and foreign affairs of Afghanistan. The (lssdjt.cn)
Comments: do some contribution to national unity

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