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October 1.1959-The Republic 11 large parade

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October 1, 1959 (, Jihai August Eve), the Republic of the 11 large military parade. by the reading unit

The Republic 11 large parade
The Republic 11 large parade
the Tiananmen Square
1959 October 1, 2010, Tiananmen Square was held in the parade of the tenth anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. The unfurled Bayi Etendard guide Military Academy and the school of infantry, artillery, engineers, tank crews, aviation, railway corps, navy team, first into the square. By review of forces and equipment, the latest automatic rifles, artillery, tanks, high-speed jet fighters, are manufactured in China. Navy team to defend the motherland journey across, sunk 100 ships and captured wounded enemy vessels 50 East China Sea Fleet sailors; sailors from Fujian frontline, in the fall of 1958, two months The 24 ships Chiang ships buried in the Taiwan Strait. People's Navy has a powerful coastal defense force has a large number of ships, submarines and naval aviation, coastal artillery, and so on arms. The well-equipped infantry, motorized infantry and airborne forces, showed a high level of training. Artillery Warriors drove traction with 144 long-range cannons of various calibres, including automated anti-aircraft guns and large-caliber cannon. The new tank has a variety of the latest technology and equipment and firepower, the 155 plus jet bombers and fighter flash across a thunderous roar.
CPSU General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev to come to the ceremony

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