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October 2.1901-Zheng Shiliang launched Huizhou Uprising

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October 2, 1901 (20 August 1901), Zheng Shiliang initiated Huizhou Uprising. like

Zheng Shiliang launched Huizhou Uprising
Zheng Shiliang initiated Huizhou Uprising "target =" _blank "> Zheng Shiliang In early October 1901, Zheng Shiliang choose the normalized the good county Sanzhou field base ready uprising. the Sanzhou Tian Party Xiaoju area, Triad depth in the surrounding rural concentration of 600 Jingzhuang, but the lack of weapons and ammunition rations and growing plaque shortage, his troops had to be dispersed, leaving only 80 people waiting Dazhai but the wind has been rumored, Guangdong Governor Deoksugung surrounded Sanzhou Tian Cheng soil benign urgent telegram Sun Yat-sen dashing aid to the restoration of Sun Yat-sen preparatory Unfinished temporarily disbanded. Zheng Shiliang electric Sun Yat-sen, still managed to quickly aid to ammunition. Dr. Sun Yat-sen restoration: & ldquo ; if prominent, straight to the more Xiamen this point that there is aid to
The Qing approximation Sanzhou Tian rebel army was forced to attack. evening of 6, the the Wong Fook rate of 80 people a night raid Qing , chopped 40 people, captured more than 30 initial victory. Wong Fook intends to follow up the victory when at dawn, but Zheng Shiliang life whole army diversions forward to Xiamen and to succeed Wong Fook command duties. 15th uprising Jungong Hirayama, won a large number of firearms and ammunition, at the same time, Liang Muguang also Boro response, more than a thousand people directly toward the Boro City 17, the rebel army in Wing Lake and Qing rematch victory, the 20th victory in collapse Gang Market join the army public benefit more than 20,000 soldiers, camp Baisha At this time, the volunteer army of guns and ammunition has dried up.
In this case, the Sun Yat-sen side call Miyazaki, so that will be sent to the speed of the guns Filipino Huizhou; ( lssdjt.cn) an oriented Taiwan and Japan Governor Jade Gentaro children approached assist arms and ammunition. However, the Philippines the ordnance is full scrap unusable new Japanese Prime Minister Ito Hirobumi prohibit the Taiwan Governor to help the revolutionaries, so, Sun Yat-sen no weapons aid to Mainland. (l $ djτ.ōrɡ)
Guangzhou uprising launched Shi Jian, such as, in order to raise the uprising funds, he and his brother the history of ancient stupid sold, each substance is the date of the original uprising, trapped ordnance do not suggest a change extension. when he smelled know Sanzhou Tian has pre-launched in order to relieve the plight of the three continents Tian uprising army's, decided to take the risk. he Dushu near rent given a house, by Deng Yam south shipped to explosives, to fried to death De Shou. 27th night digging, properly placed explosives facilities, burning incense cast no point, but the drug line the morning of the 28th, he again burning incense, and go out to observe. really loud crash, earthquake collapse Dushu back fence more than 10 husbands, Germany Shou thrown from the bed onto the ground, and 29, 2009, Shi Jian as arrested at the pier.

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