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October 2.1926-Feng Yuxiang army south Xi'an

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October 2, 1926 (August 26) Bingyin years, Feng Yuxiang army south of Xi'an.

Feng Yuxiang army south Xi'an
Feng Yuxiang army south of Xi'an "target =" _blank "> General Feng Yuxiang
10 early in accordance with the principle of" solid Gan aid Shaanxi, Shanxi image ", Feng Yuxiang advance Tong Linge, Sun Lianzhong two division into Gan, assistance original stay in Gansu hsun, Zhang Wei Yuxi Ministry purge of Cheung Siu potassium and Hung Fan Kam rebellion. von appointed hsun aid Shaanxi commander, Fang Zhenwu deputy commander and first road commander, Gong Fukui second road commander of the commander, hsun Chief Third Road, Ma Hongkui fourth road commander SHI three as commander of the Fifth Road, Han Fu-ju, commander of the Sixth Road, part in Junior High, Liu Ruming, South Korea accounted for $ Zheng big Zhang and Zhang Wanqing seventh road. brightest army of the West into, in order to prevent the the Suiyuan enemy vehicle tracking chase, Han Fu-ju remain sui Army Commander-in-Chief. (L $ djτ.cōm)
hsun rate in front of the ministries since Longdong forward to Xi'an attack by Bin Hill Avenue Fang Zhenwu Ministry on October 8, starting from the original five to join via Guyuan, Pingliang, dry state to Xianyang hsun Ministry. early October, the the hsun Ministry striker has been reached Shaanxi Xingping October 12, Liu Zhenhua, the town of Song Army retreat from Mihara, Yu Yu-jen to Mihara, organizational coalition the General Command of the National Army, Second, Third Army, as a leading center of Xi'an of Shaanxi outside. Oct. 15, hsun the vanguard and Yu Yu-jen led Shaanxi attack enemy army to Xianyang Sun Ministry of thousands of miles Fuyuan, exhausted, bitter fight dozens Day greatly damaged; another value to the days of heavy rain, slow-moving reinforcements Sun ready to retreat. the Soviet aid Shaanxi headquarters Advisor does not agree evacuation plans, SUN Ministry then revive the spirit of tough assault closing in to Xi'an.

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