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October 2.1931-People across the country anti-demonstrations

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October 2, 1931 (August 21), Xinwei, people across the country to counter-demonstrations. the

People across the country anti-demonstrations
People across the country anti-demonstrations
People across the country anti-demonstrations
post office stamp on the envelope "Country" poke
10 months, the anti-Japanese movement of people across the country flourish. Shanghai, Peking, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hankou, Nanchang workers has held anti-Japanese strike, students held a strike, organize a certain branch of the Volunteers or volunteer force, the National Government to the firearms the war against Japan. Under the impetus of the anti-Japanese movement, the upper strata of the petty bourgeoisie and the national bourgeoisie began to change political attitudes, (L $ djτ.cōm) requires Chiang Kai-shek's Kuomintang political "change his stance to stop anti-communist civil war policies. [The history today www.TodayOnHistory.com] October 2,
, held more than 150 trade union congress, to discuss the anti-Japanese national salvation Programme. The meeting decided to Post workers World book exposing the Japanese imperialism brazenly sent troops to the crime of aggression against China. Also adopted a number of resolutions: National Government immediately sent troops to the anti-Japanese "awarded to Volunteers" ordnance, "as soon as possible to the relief day factory laborers" consistent imposing economic Dear John, confiscate Day goods and severely punish the profiteers spies. In the 3rd, the the Hunan people held anti-Japanese General Assembly. Figures Wu Mulan, Nanjing, women's representatives, Wang Xinfang, Li Zhiming, Li Ji, initiated and organized the Chinese National Salvation woman army's determination to hold sacrifice, heroes States. Three days more than 1,300 signatures participants, Nanjing Women's Thammasat workshops are organized in preparation for the site, sub-rescue team, promotional team, Daredevil team 3 part and start recruitment training.
young students played a pioneering role in the anti-Japanese patriotic activities. Around students published resisting Japan and saving the Declaration energized, but also have sent representatives to Nanjing petition to the National Government, Kaifeng above the average of more than 8,000 students went to the provincial government petitioned the anti-Japanese. On the 5th, the of Guangzhou students and from all walks of life held anti-Japanese demonstrations, the Guangzhou authorities so that military and police shot to check Japanese goods students, died more than ten people. Nanjing National Government banned students from around the sets teams Nanjing petition, Peking Mayor Zhou Dawen, public security bureau, Baoyu Lin, Education Secretary Zhouxue Chang, military police deputy commander Shaowen Kai, to the station to induce students to return to school, do not go to the south petitions have been rejected . Peking University students in Nanjing in
5, held demonstrations, the Kuomintang army more than 1,000 surrounded by student demonstrators, the dozen school cows were injures by beating more than 180 people were arrested. Nanjing Central University
student organization Volunteers, they shouted anti-Japanese slogans
Hangzhou held anti-Japanese national salvation Assembly. Day of heavy rain, to participate in the General Assembly 10 million swan stand for several hours in the rain, tragic passionate, full of energy

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