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October 2.1932-"9.18" Incident Investigation Report was published

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On September third (Renshen years), October 2, 1932, "9.18" Incident Investigation Report is published.

1932, the League of Nations went to Chinese-finding mission report was published on the "9.18" Incident. The official name of the file for Guolian investigation report because the investigation was headed by former British agent the Indian Governor Lee Dayton, it is known as the Lytton Report. (On com) In 1931, in December, tour, (lssjt.cn) members France Claut will Make Di Earl, Italy, Germany, Dr. Heaney, McCaw benefits Major General. China in March 1932, arrived in Shenyang April survey, survey books submitted to the League of Nations and the Chinese and Japanese governments in September, was published on October 2. Report of 10 chapters, the main contents are: respect for Japanese interests in Manchuria (Northeast China), to allow the occupation of the ground; does not recognize the independence of the puppet "Manchukuo", but as a part of China, allowing it to autonomy; advocated international condominium northeastern region of China. The report showed that Britain and other countries for equitably appeasement stance and connivance of the Japanese invasion in the northeastern region of interest in Japan, which is still not satisfied, to submit rebuttal instruments to the League of Nations, the League of Nations Committee considered Lytton book composed of 19 countries, after the debate, passed a resolution , both said no need to restore the original state of "Manchukuo", also refused to recognize the puppet "Manchukuo". Guolian poll in February 1933, through the above-mentioned resolution. Japan then announced its withdrawal from the League of Nations in March of the same year.

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