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February 6.1937-Chang Kuo-tao error review to the CPC Central Committee

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February 6, 1937 (Rat twelfth lunar month 25), the tao error review to the CPC Central Committee. 6 of the tao the

Chang Kuo-tao error review to the CPC Central Committee
Yan'an In 1937, Zhang Guotao in Yan'an to the CPC Central Committee made a written "from the past now" review the error. (Lssdjt.com)
review (1 $ dj¦Ó.c¨­m) the error performance of:
first, over-estimated the five encirclement subjective error;
second ignoring the heroic struggle of the Central Red Army in the Long March and the Bolshevik strong of;
, on suspicion of central strategic approach; the
fourth, the criticism of the Central People's Government and the instructions said not acceptance and misunderstanding;
Fifth, the opposition on the organization.
the root cause of the error is that "warlordism tendency to develop.

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