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October 2.1973-Finnish long-distance running prodigy Paavo Rumi's death

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October 2, 1973 (on September Guichou the seventh day), the Finnish long-distance running prodigy Paavo Rumi's death.

Finnish long-distance running prodigy Paavo Rumi's death
Paavo Rumi (Paavo Nurmi, 1897 June 13, 2011 1973 10, 2 May)
"Flying Finn" - Paavo · Rumi is one of Finland's most outstanding distance runners. In the Helsinki Olympic Stadium before his running stone carving, Finnish Museum display Athletics Kingdom - United States donated his "golden running shoes all times to prove indelible glorious past of this legendary figure.
1897 Rumi was born in the small town of Turku in Finland. The age of 13 due to a poor family, had to leave their homes, acting as a young porter. Rumi, the first long-distance running talent in the army in 1919. In an armed race, everyone wearing helmets and carrying rifles, weapons hung on the belt, also carrying a bag of sandbags, results of other people running up and sweat pour off, he was easy to complete, speed Qikuai. Later, Rumi boldly reform slow, ran a small amount of outdated training methods and speed into the endurance run into athletic performance has greatly improved. [1 $ djτ.cōm]
Rumi Olympic glory origin in 1920, the seventh Olympics. Tournament he scored three gold medals and become the player when the Olympic Games track and field competition was the most gold medals. Also in this game, he developed a habit of holding a stopwatch in the game. Since then, regardless of training or competition, Rumi the hands of always holding a stopwatch, running and look at the time. (Lsjt.net July 10)
1924, Rumi in Paris to create one of the greatest feats in Olympic history: he first won the 1,500 meters gold medal, two hours later, in 5000 BE meter race champion. Two days later, Rumi wore high temperature in Paris, won the 10,000 m cross-country race of the individual and team gold again with 1 minute 24 seconds advantage. The next day, when other athletes still recovering, Rumi and in the 3000 meters race gold medal. He had hoped to participate in the 10,000 m race, and strive defending, but the Finland team officials refused his entry request. Back to Finland, angry Rumi game broke the 10,000 meters world record for nearly 13 years. Since then, Rumi With a resounding nickname - "Flying Finn". At that time, some attentive audience found the game, Rumi always from time to time to look down at his right hand, there was speculation Rumi hands of certain holding a photo of the mother or a Madonna, in order to bless. In fact, it was four years ago, Rumi habit - holding a stopwatch. Game, luminal thought focus, and can precisely calculate and allocate the time and speed of each circle. When the last lap bell rang, he would stopwatch Wangdishangyi throw full speed sprint. (L $ djτ.ЙЁT)
1924 Olympics in Paris, is the golden age of Rumi, Some call this the Olympic Games called "Rumi Olympics. Some people describe the case of Paris Olympic Games: "him to go, and where there is victory, it is 'the luminal! Rumi!' Cheers. "Unfortunately, the Paris Olympic Games, the end of the game, not officially announced the rankings not rise to the award-winning athletes Country flag, also did not hold the award ceremony on the closing ceremony. Olympic Games after the end of about a month, Rumi received five medals sent from the post office.
but not always strong and champion in the Olympic Games, the superstar Fall of the moment is always sad. Ninth of the 1928 Amsterdam Olympic Games for both Rumi visitors are memorable breasts, it was his last appearance in a worldwide contest. 10,000 m contest is in full swing, Britain's Bi Weier beginning to give veteran who played rough, 62 seconds in the first lap. But the savvy veteran unmoved, still own with sprint. 2000 m after compatriots Li Tuola in the lead position, Rumi followed. Away from the end of 80 meters, Rumi full acceleration, ran to the front of Lituo La, and the first to reach the finish line in 30 minutes and 18 seconds. So Rumi won his ninth Olympic gold medals. But then held in the 5,000-meter race, Rumi ran into the finish straight feel does not keep up with Li Tuola final, Li Tuola won in 14 minutes 38 seconds, Rumi two seconds slower. Finish Rumi on his back after lying on the grass on the inside. This is the first time I saw the look of the thing of Rumi, usually after the game, he always gives the impression to nonchalantly. After the game the audience sigh: Rumi old!
The 1921-1931-year period, Rumi created a total of 29 times world record which 22 record formally recognized by the IAAF, ranking male athletes create a world record for the number of times first place. He participated in 12 projects in three consecutive Olympic Games won a total of nine gold medals and three silver medals of the Olympic Games won the gold medal in the maximum number of players, the winning rate of 100%, the game of his career that spanned two decades, its movement myth permanently remembered.
1932, Zhuangxinbuyi Rumi enrolled in the tenth Olympic Games. But the U.S. track and field team leader that he accepted the gifts of others, accusing him cancel his competition and destruction of the relevant provisions of the Olympic Games and the IAAF. This caused an uproar in Finland, people chanted the slogan of the "Rumi Long live demonstrations, protest. But all to no avail. 1933, this outstanding athletes is regret hanging up his boots left field circles, the same year, Rumi was invited to the United States, the American people gave him a precious gift - gold running shoes, but Rumi not received already, but donated to the country.
Rumi was last seen in track and field, in the 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games opening ceremony prior General Assembly did not announce the torch last bar who, when all countries team approach, the last bar hand-held torch came running from the entrance of the track and field, all no doubt about the status of this runner, could not find a more suitable candidate than he the honor to play, he is the once all-powerful "Flying Finn" - Paavo Rumi.
named the planet early
1982, Finland astronomers have discovered 1,941 planets in our solar system. By convention, the planet needs a name. So, it was proposed that the the name Paavo Rumi no quarrel and dissent, "Paavo Rumi" become the world's first one named after the name of the athlete planet. last
served the torchbearers
Rumi in track and field in the 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games opening ceremony, prior General Assembly has not announced a torch last bar who, when all countries team approach , last stick handheld torch ran in track and field at the entrance, all no doubt about the status of this runner, could not find a more suitable candidate than he the honor to play, he is the once all-powerful "Finland Scud - Paavo Nurmi. The the donated (l $ jτ.cń)
hero the heart
who create 29 world records, died on October 2, 1974, six Olympic gold medalist at his funeral, his covering national flag. He also donate his super heart as medical research purposes. His bronze statue erected in his home town of Turku, and Helsinki Stadium, also located in the park outside the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.
Reviews: Finnish distance running legend hero, one of the last century's greatest long-distance running.

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