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October 2.1996-The summit of the Middle East issue has not been a breakthrough

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October 2, 1996 (Rat-August 20), the summit of the Middle East issue has not been a breakthrough. Shikoku

The summit of the Middle East issue has not been a breakthrough
summit has not been a major breakthrough
the summit of the Middle East issue is chaired by Clinton, Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, King Hussein of Jordan to attend the The Quartet summit, is a large-scale outbreak of violent conflict between Israelis and Palestinians after October 1-2 Emergency convened. October 2, 1996 in Washington, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian National Authority President Yasser Arafat ended a two-day emergency summit. The meeting failed to resolve major differences exist between Palestine and Israel, but the two sides expressed their willingness to take effective measures to stop all kinds of violence, for the reopening of Palestinian-Israeli peace talks and the peace process in the Middle East continue to push hard efforts. The first round of talks is scheduled to be held in Gaza, near the Erez on October 6, the top of the agenda is to solve the problem of the Israeli withdrawal from Hebron.
after the end of the meeting, U.S. President Bill Clinton as host and moderator at the White House held a press conference. Clinton acknowledged that the meeting failed to achieve a breakthrough, "the problems and differences still exist between the Israelis and Palestinians. But, he said, this meeting between the two sides on a "higher level" to resolve their differences and achieve reconciliation "reached an understanding" and "made trust".

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