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October 2.1997-EU formally signed the Treaty of Amsterdam

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October 2, 1997 (, Landmarks In September, the first day), the EU officially signed the Treaty of Amsterdam.

1997 10 morning, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the 15 member states of the European Union in the Dutch capital Amsterdam palace formally signed the "Treaty of Amsterdam.
European Commission President Jacques Santer said in his speech that the EU has made progress in deepening integration A about achievement. "A treaty for building a" social Europe "to establish a legal basis. Common foreign security policy, EU countries also showed a certain amount of political will. But he also pointed out that the reform of the voting mechanism does not achieve the desired objectives. Santer admitted that European integration has been to every step forward is very difficult stage. (Lsjt.org)
annex of the treaty signed in France, Italy and Belgium, the three countries issued a joint statement in mid-September. The statement made it clear that "A about" no substantial progress in reform EU institutions in order to strengthen the EU's decision-making power.
"Amsterdam Treaty is reached by mid-June 1997, it is the second third of the Treaty of Rome and the Maastricht Treaty EU Treaty. EU member states in preparation for this lay the foundation for the expansion of the EU Treaty, in the form of intergovernmental meetings up to 15 months of arduous negotiations.

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