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October 3.1207-Patriotic poet Xin Qi-ji's death

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October 3, 1207 (on September Dingmao tenth day), the patriotic poet Xin Qi-ji's death.

Patriotic poet Xin Qi-ji's death
Patriotic poet Xin Qi-ji's death
Xin Qi-ji was born "target =" _blank "> Xin Qi-ji (1140 -1207 on October 3, 2011) at the age of 67 years, who cares about the future of the country is the Southern Song dynasty, the destiny of the nation patriotic poet when he was born, it is the national hero Yue Fei Zhao Gou, Qin Hui and his gang killed two years before AD 1127, Kinbyo in one fell swoop and took Kaifeng, emblem, Two Emperors captured demise of the Northern Song Dynasty, anger Central Plains people finally have uprising in 1161 anti-gold. gathered 2,000 people as young as 22-year-old Xin Qi-ji invested the farmers Gengjing led anti-Jin Yijun, was appointed as the Rebel palm secretary ", co-led the Rebel.
to break gold rulers of the Rebel Seductive and military offensive, to more effectively combat Kinbyo, Gengjing obey ji Contact Southern Song synergistic anti recommendations sent his representatives to the Southern Song to negotiate. Xin Qiji satisfactorily complete the task in the return the the way learned news Gengjing traitor Chang Kuo killed immediately with people to speeding Chang Kuo where Kinbyo Camp, the capture of a traitor Chang Kuo, and tens of thousands of soldiers called on Gengjing old unit anyway. of Xin Qiji only in this case 23 years old. His courageous act not only against Jin, but also inspire the confidence of the people against gold to Song Xiao Zhong
Xin Qiji go south into Meiqin Ten Theories based on his own two went to Yanjing, in-depth the vicinity of the understanding Heshuo on "Jurchen the weakness not fear" reason; criticism of the "North-South stereotype, Wu Chu's fragile, not enough Zhengheng in the Central Plains" surrender fallacy; Southern Song dynasty how change passive to active, how to seize the opportunity to enter the recovered Zhongyuan landless specific and feasible recommendations. due strongly opposed capitulationists, wise and decisive "Ten Theses" always do not get the attention of the rulers. Xin Qiji Undaunted, soon after Yuyun Wen Jin to the prime minister was Nine Yee ", and" Ten Theories are basically the same, this has sharply pointed out: the fight against the enemy, to restore the Homeland, is related to the country pepole great cause, not the emperor or the prime minister's private affairs should be united to jointly participate in the nine meetings "and" 10 'fate, like the ji's patriotic enthusiasm, fighting spirit and excellence of the military to not been understood and valued.
1181, reconcilable Taliban of Xin Qi-ji anti gold action and requirements be defamatory with impeachment, So Xin Qi-ji was expelled court, abandoned for 20 years, this period is his word for the peak due to the contradiction between the ideal and the reality of his bold and deep word Most wind his words reflect regain the unified will of the Chinese and of hate the capitulators Pianan harm the country in the Central Plains, which focused performance of the aspirations and demands of the people against national oppression, desire for reunification has become over the centuries encouraged by the patriotic spirit of the people has been inspiring masterpieces.
Xin Qiji age of 64, the Southern Song Dynasty Minister HAN want to get into the Central Plains to render meritorious service, Zhenjiang prefect had hired ji do ji also would like to take the opportunity to achieve the anti-gold long-cherished wish him the one hand, to the HAN into words: Be sure to prepare before the march, on the one hand, to send people to sneak into the Golden State to reconnoitre the number of enemy soldiers and horses, Garrison Location generals name, treasury barns position, and also working towards a million sets of uniforms to recruit an army of brave young men training and skilled team. Surprisingly, all this has not happened, October 3, 1207, Xin they swallowed their anger died, 68 years old when he died. "Jinan Fu Zhi contained, (lssdjt.cn) also dying, he shouted, & ldquo to; Shazei! Shazei! "anti-gold determination till the end!

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