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October 3.1877-The Li Hongzhang organizing Kaiping Bureau of Mines

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(Landmarks, August 27), October 3, 1877, Li Hongzhang organizing Kaiping Mining.

1877, Li Hongzhang organizing Kaiping Mining. Westernization in order to solve the fuel required by the military industrial enterprises and ships, Li Hongzhang in 1874 to build the Zhili the Cizhou coal iron ore, strongly oppose, on grounds of "feng shui" to destroy inaccessible and the local gentry, and soon ceased operation. The same year Sheng Xuanhuai closed for the supervision of the Hubei Xingguo coal iron ore, coal poor. Keelung, Taiwan Coal Shipping Minister Shen Pao-chen opened in 1875, out of coal in 1877, an annual output of 54,000 tons. Were all above the government-run industrial. 1877 the existing merchants set of shares offered Anhui Chizhou Coal Mine. Li Hongzhang to solve the Tianjin the machines Bureau and the Steamship fuel problem, in October 1876, sent the Steamship General Office of Hongzhang Hebei Luanxian Kaiping area Chakan iron and coal, (lssdjt.cn) sampling points to send Beijing Tong Wen Guan The chemistry teacher laboratory in the United Kingdom, confirmed here the coal iron fineness is very good, October 3 Lee Sapporo committee Hongzhang build Kaiping Mining to develop Government Commerce Prospectus Merchants set of shares. Established in 1878 in the town of Tangshan Kaiping Kaiping Mining. Full production in 1881, the hireling 3000. An annual output of 38,000 tons of coal in 1882, to 73 million tons by 1898. Mine expansion devices over the years to improve transport conditions, the earlier machine mining enterprise in modern China. Kaiping mines in fact the Westernization of the Office of the mining industry's most successful mine. It year by year significantly increase production quickly occupied Tianjin coal market, which will effectively boycott Yang coal imports.

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