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October 3.1897-French writer Aragon's birthday

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Eighth day of September (Ding), French writer Aragon's birthday, October 3, 1897. death of

French writer Aragon's birthday
Aragon "target =" _blank "> the Aragon
Aragon, born October 3, 1897 and the outbreak of the First World War, serving in the Army hospital after the war began and Breton, and others to carry out the Dada movement, and launched the Surrealist movement. published collection of poems, "the joy of the fire" and the novel "Anne race in 1920. 1924 collection of essays, published a series of three, including" Paris countryman "surrealist literary masterpiece. formally joined the French Communist Party in 1927. their literary creations shift from Surrealism to socialist realism. participate in the resistance movement during World War II, wrote many poems full of patriotic passion , the income "heartbroken Set" (1941), "Ai Ersha's Eyes" (1942), etc. In addition, the main theme to the "real world" published a series of novels including "Balak bell" ( 1934), the "luxury urban" (1936), "the top of the street car passengers (1943) and Austria to Ryan" (1944) from 1947 to 1951, published the novel "communists." This scroll this The novel goes back and extol the heroic struggle of the French Communists, anti-fascist. marks his entry into the new direction of the novel "The Passion Week 1958 (history www.lssdjt.com) works mainly write a French youth when Louis XVIII Guards cavalry, (TodayinHistory.cn) fled Paris Napoleon comeback story. later works "put to death" (1965), "Drama Fiction" (1974). died in 1982.

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