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October 3.1912-Republic of Costume announced

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October 3, 1912 (, Yam Tze August 23), the Republic of Costume announced. wear breasted

Republic of Costume announced
embroidered jacket, embroidered horse-faced women skirt (handed down diagram according) In October 1912, the provisional president Yuan Shikai, announced to the nation the resolution through the Senate, "the Republic of Costume "announcement" target = "_blank"> service system in the Republic of China ", the service system with a schema.
" service system in the Republic of China stipulates: "Men's dress is divided into a large dress, often dress two kinds. them dress : Book with a formal dress style for Western-style cloak; night tuxedo similar to the dress with a large, rounded backswing, pants with a Western-style trousers. often dress can be divided into two kinds: one for the Western-style, a sub-book with the night with two kinds of for the Paogua domestic silk, wool or cotton, linen fabrics are black, cloth woman dress is only one paragraph: gown with long with knee Qi, breasted, with dress; dresses plus embroidered ornaments. wearing a dress to attend the funeral, the man in the left wrist wraps crape woman in the chest decorated to crape knot. (history www.lssdjt.com) "Republic of Costume" hat ceremony boots made specific provisions .

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