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October 3.1935-The outbreak of the Ethiopian resistance to Italian Patriotic War

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October 3, 1935 (September seeing in the sixth days), Ethiopia, anti-Italian Patriotic War broke out. In In 1935 the end of the year, Mussolini's forces is estimated at $ 65 million

The outbreak of the Ethiopian resistance to Italian Patriotic War
The outbreak of the Ethiopian resistance to Italian Patriotic War
The outbreak of the Ethiopian resistance to Italian Patriotic War
1935, October 3, 2010, Italy launched a war of aggression against Ethiopia, the outbreak of the Ethiopian resistance to Italian Patriotic War "target =" _blank "> Ethiopian anti-Italian Patriotic War broke out. Fascist Italy to get rid of the plight of the global economic crisis in 1929, decided to invade and occupy Ethiopia to control the British, the waterway leading from the Red Sea to India to participate in the inter-powers competition in December 5, 1934, the Italian army from Italy to the case of Somalia, the Waldorf area Aijun attack Italy, October 3, 1935, after long-term preparation, launched a full-scale attack. (lssjt.cn) Ethiopian Government called on its citizens to defend the motherland and anti-Italian Patriotic War began with modern equipment in East Africa, Italy's army of 300,000, the Ethiopian emperor Guard and the total number of feudal lords army, although 35 million people, but the training is good, but people. Italian Army three columns to attack North Road, the Italian Army led by the Governor of Italian East Africa General Germany - Bono, attack from Eritrea and Tigray province, October 6th occupation Adwa, to breakthrough northern Aijun line of defense, occupied Tigray province on November 8 capital of maca tired. the the the East Italian Army offensive from Assab little progress has been the stubborn resistance of the Aijun South Road, the Italian Army, led by Graziani, from Italian Somalia offensive Ogaden, November 8 occupied Ge December black since the war enter impasse attempt to Aijun defeat the Italian Army quick victory. the Guolian Italy as the aggressor nation, but no sanctions to include Italy's much-needed strategic materials oil embargo, Britain announced on October 7, 1935, law is still open to Italy Suez Canal. March 31, 1936, Aijun main force was defeated in the the Ashanti quarter near Lake Meiqiu, May 3, Selassie I exile in the United Kingdom. 5 May, the Italian military occupation Addis Ababa, May 9, announced the annexation of Ethiopia, incorporated into Italian East Africa colony Since then, Ethiopian war of resistance to enter the stage of guerrilla war in the summer of 1937, the War troop leaders to set up a "unity and cooperation in the capital near Abou Committee elect unified command and political leadership to 1939, the guerrillas have been developed to the 40 million people in control of most of the land. (lssdjt.cn) 1941 Selassie led his troops to return from Sudan Patriots up in response, the team is rapidly expanding. 6 April, British, Egyptian troops liberated Addis Ababa on May 5, Selassie I, into the capital of Ethiopia Zionist, anti-Italian Patriotic War victory The.
the Ethiopian emperor Haier - Selassie
equipped with tanks, air power and poison gas in Italy modern army troops were mobilized to attack the poor Ethiopian tribal fighters Wubei < ; br>

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