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October 3.1945-The establishment of the World Federation of Trade Unions

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October 3, 1945 (, Yiyou August 28), the establishment of the World Federation of Trade Unions. the

The establishment of the World Federation of Trade Unions
World Federation of Trade Unions was established "target =" _blank "> World Federation of Trade Unions, referred to as the World Federation of Trade Unions, the international joint trade union organizations. February 1945, the Soviet Union, the United States, Britain and China, more than 40 countries trade unions representatives held the world trade union representatives meeting in London, the preparations for the holding of the World Trade Union Congress first congress was held in Paris in the same year, September 25-October 3, October 3, announced the formal establishment in 1949, the United States, Britain ground and exit the trade unions of other countries oppose the "Marshall Plan" to the organization, set up a separate "ICFTU Chinese trade unions is one of the founders of the organization, and actively participated in various activities. 1966 12 January 16 meeting of the Council of the organization is forced through the illegal decision of a deprivation of the rights of Chinese trade union delegation to attend the meeting, after ACFTU stopped and the organization in 1990 after the Chinese trade union delegation as observers has attended the Congress of the organization and of the Council meeting in April 1985, the organization announced that 90 member unions in 81 countries and regions. organization:'s Congress, the highest authority, held every four years time; governing Council; Executive Board; Secretariat headquarters in Prague. organs publications: the world trade union movement "(monthly) and unions Express (weekly)

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