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October 3.1947-German physicist Max Planck's death

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October 3, 1947 (August 19), Chinese New Year, the death of the German physicist Max Planck.

German physicist Max Planck's death
1947 to October 3, 2011, the German physicist Max Planck's death. In 1900, a professor at the University of Berlin, Germany, Planck's first proposed quantum theory. December 14, 1906, Planck physics conference in Berlin entitled "On the theory of normal spectral energy distribution law) papers, the famous Planck formula, this day is generally considered to be days of the birth of quantum physics. As early as in 1895, Planck, on the basis of many of the world's physicists studied the "energy equipartition" were. October 19, 1900, [history today www.lssdjt.com] Planck published research papers. After six years of research, he finally proposed a revolutionary hypothesis: a natural frequency of V linear harmonic oscillator, can only be made continuously or release energy, its energy value must be a minimum energy an integer number. The Planck these every little energy called quantum. (Lssdjt.com) This is the famous Planck's quantum hypothesis. Planck's quantum theory put forward, so that science are a new look in the world. 1858, Planck's death "target =" _blank "> Planck was born in Kiel, Germany, a jurist family. Reading school into the University of Munich in 1874 and later transferred to the physics of the University of Berlin in 1877, a doctorate in physics . 188O-1885 has taught at the University of Munich and the University of Kiel, taught at the University of Berlin in 1888, he served as director of the Institute of Physics in 1892 was promoted to professor in 1918 due to the excellence of the doctrine of quantum theory, Planck won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1926, has been selected as a member of the British Royal Society of London and an honorary member of the American Physical Society in 1930 the Berlin Kaiser - Wilhelm Institute for Physical Chemistry Dean. opposition to the Nazi tyranny, Planck 1935 was dismissed from the then president of his later years quit the scientific community engaged in anti-fascist activities October 3, 1947, died in Göttingen.

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