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October 3.1972-The United States and the Soviet Union signed the restricted weapons treaty

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October 3, 1972 (, Yam Tze August 26), the United States and the Soviet Union signed a treaty of restricted weapons.

1972. U.S. President Richard Nixon signed an arms agreement with the Soviet leader Gromyko, Nixon hopes the move will increase by factors of peace and the possibility of him re-elected. Ornate ceremony in the White House East housing (Lssdjt.com) Nixon and Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei - Gromyko signed two separate agreements. (TodayinHistory.cn) One of the more important a limit to the United States and the Soviet Union both sides set in their base defense missile over 200. (TodayinHistory.cn) is a temporary agreement to limit the parties offensive terrestrial and submarine missile. Under this agreement, the Soviet Union will continue to dominant in the missile the total number, (lssjt.cn) but the United States will have multiple missile warheads. Nixon and Gromyko also agreed to start a new round of negotiations in Geneva to limit offensive weapons. Nixon today signed an agreement known as the "first step" in a broader treaty. Gromyko agreed with this statement, saying that the two new agreement is an important achievement "to limit the arms race. "
Nixon tried to get as much political advantage from the new treaty. On Saturday, he alone held the signing ceremony of a resolution of Congress to support this agreement.

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