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October 3.1977-Xinhua News Agency reported Chen Jingrun deeds

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October 3, 1977 (, Dimba August 21), the Xinhua News Agency reported Chen Jingrun deeds.

1977, Xinhua News Agency reported, of mathematicians ChenJingRun in number theory study, "Goldbach conjecture" carefully parsed and scientific projections proved that any sufficiently large even a prime number plus the product of at most two primes (referred to as "1 +2"). This problem for over two hundred years after the continuous efforts of many scientists, and has always been outstanding. Book the British mathematician Halberstam and German mathematician Li Xida "sieve method, the original ten chapters, seen ChenJingRun only" 1 +2 "paper went to press, specially the Tianxie Chapter XI, chapters, as "Chen Theorem. ChenJingRun outstanding contributions for the development of mathematics write a glorious one, the Chinese Academy of Sciences to promote him as a researcher. Research in number theory (lsjt.net) ChenJingRun made world leader and great achievements have been written Memorabilia of the People's Republic of China.

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