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October 3.1984-Canada 7000 bull reindeer cross the river drowning

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October 3, 1984 (on September JiaZi Ninth), Canada 7000 bull reindeer cross the river and drowned. a natural environment of great disaster

Canada 7000 bull reindeer cross the river drowning

1984 October 3, 2010, in the past two yao, across two rivers of northern Quebec, over 7100 Migratory caribou drowning die by the Audubon Society as "one great disaster to the natural environment. Biologists said now a total of the 7l00 with reindeer corpses, but the Quebec officials estimated at least 10,000 perhaps 22,000 reindeer in trying through the the caniapiscau River and Cork Sauk River drowned. These reindeer George Hedong District, part of the caribou herd, they are the largest North American reindeer, the world's largest one of the reindeer; their ongoing annual Migratory great shift. Eskimo leaders accused of Hydro-Qu¨¦bec, the construction of the dam the river rise leaving reindeer drowned. Eskimo leaders said the company had been urging the construction of the fence, at the scene of the accident in order to avoid this risk at reindeer plexus by. , But Qui Beijing hydropower company officials questioned the allegations, they said that due to the rainy season this year, Korea amount to double that of the previous years, average rainfall, the river surged. A company spokesman said, years ago, Eskimos agree with the recommendations of the engineers of their own employment sluicing Quebec officials are working to build a security wall, Under some local reindeer corpses stacked five or six, " to chase off the other reindeer cross the river drowning "target =" _blank "> reindeer.

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