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October 3.1986-Soviet nuclear submarine fire sank

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(Bingyin August 30), October 3, 1986, the Soviet nuclear submarine caught fire and sank.

Soviet nuclear submarine fire sank
1986 October 3, 2010, one compartment (Lssdjt.com) Soviet Union, a nuclear submarines equipped with ballistic missiles, about 1,000 km northeast of Bermuda on fire, three fire submarine died. Moscow Committee of Experts, according to the analysis of the situation that will not occur due to fire and the danger of nuclear explosions and radioactive pollution of the environment. October 6th, the occurrence of the fault-fire Soviet Yankee-class nuclear-powered submarine fire sank "target =" _blank "> submarine sank in the sea off the eastern United States.
It has been reported that the submarine can carry sixteen missiles, and a maximum cruising range of eighteen hundred sea miles. U.S. The nuclear submarine is one of the the Soviet cruise in the middle of the Atlantic three main nuclear submarine, the main target of its missile military facilities in the eastern United States.

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