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October 3.1989-Court decisions textbook beautify aggression legitimate

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October 3, 1989, the fourth day of September (Baba), the court textbooks beautify aggression legitimate.

1989, the Tokyo District Court ruling on third textbook lawsuit, announced the Ministry of Education in the validation of the history textbooks of the 1980-1983 year, about Japan's aggression " "Nanjing Massacre" account of the validation opinion can not be considered illegal. " This verdict was criticized and condemned local people concerned. The so-called "textbook lawsuit Saburo Ienaga, former professor of Tokyo University of Education, he wrote the history textbook issue to the government as a defendant litigation, this litigation has so far made three times. January 1984, Professor Ienaga third textbook in the 1980-1983 year, the Ministry of Education, his history textbook written for high school students and beautifying aggression and legitimate "target =" _blank "> textbook" New History of Japan " terms "aggression" and the "Nanjing Massacre", "731," the account validation modify views, "in violation of the constitutional guarantee of freedom of expression and intellectual freedom." 31 historians and writers had to testify in court proceedings, this is the third textbook lawsuit
According to reports: specific account of the controversy in this lawsuit, many related to Japan's war of aggression against China, such as the the validation opinion put forward by the then Ministry of Education, can not conclude that the Nanjing Massacre "is the Japanese organized to provoke, about a seven hundred thirty-one bacteria troops, the Ministry of Education that" academic sector in collecting historical stage now mention too early ", modify, or delete command in the judgment, the court, while arguing Professor Ienaga Nanjing massacre is described as" considerable reason "on the validation opinion propriety "There is room for criticism, but added that the Ministry of Education audited amendments" from the general views of the community, it can not be said is obviously defective ", and thus does not constitute an offense, dismissed home Wing proposition. Ienaga said appealed his conviction, decided to appeal, the third textbook lawsuits content October 3 judgment is the matter prior to the 1982 textbook incident, the Ministry of Education in accordance with the new standard.
some Japanese believe that validation, but the verdict was the Department the validation opinion ratify the past that psychologically some people are still reluctant to admit or intentionally conceal beautify Japanese Aggression and the history. testify in court and had the problem of the Japanese army a seven hundred thirty-one bacteria forces the famous Shaping writer says, "not in the textbooks published in the reflection of the war and Japan mistakes made in the war, for the international community is very shameful." Fujiwara Akira, a professor of modern Japanese history, the Japanese invasion of China Nanjing Massacre are historical facts, the Ministry of Education has no power to determine history.

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