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October 3.1992-The genetic engineering of rice breeding in China was a major breakthrough

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October 3, 1992 (Renshen eighth day of September), the genetic engineering of rice breeding in China was a major breakthrough. In October 1992, presided over by the Hunan Agricultural million Wenju "genetic engineering rice research topic, the first maize DNA into Rice and bred genetic engineering breeding of high yield and quality of rice was a major breakthrough "target =" _blank "> rice strains.

since the production of hybrid rice in the 1970s, science and technology workers to rice varieties bred more optimized, has launched a" two-line "Can subspecies interspecific hybridization and super high breeding, and made great progress, However, the multi-spike, spike and high seed rate to fundamentally unified, we must proceed from the biotechnology, walking the pathway of genetic engineering breeding.
1989 since Hunan Agricultural Genetic Engineering Rice Research Task Force, according to the theory and technology of molecular breeding, use DNA Baptist embryo corn DNA into a lot of variation descendants of materials, has laid a foundation for further study. them through multiple generations of breeding, to find the basic stability of the GER · 1 strains with strong tillering, ear, grain performance, an average of about 200 per panicle, seed rate of 80% grain quality.
, this strain suitable for mid-season rice and late rice planting in Hunan this study has a site council presided over by the Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Commission, most promotional value.

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