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October 3.1994-Recognized by the United Nations in Rwanda massacre

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October 3, 1994 (Awake August 28), the United Nations recognized the massacre that took place in Rwanda. Tutsi soldiers in the army

Recognized by the United Nations in Rwanda massacre
Recognized by the United Nations in Rwanda massacre
Recognized by the United Nations in Rwanda massacre
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Wanda Kaibo Lei refugee camp massacre Hutus miserable like
recognized by the United Nations in 1994 that took place in Rwanda massacre. An investigation committee of the UN Security Council released a survey report accusing Rwanda Hutu tribe in the minority Figure western colonies in the Holocaust, at least 50 people were killed. The report said the exact figures of the victim can never recognized, 50 people were killed just a very conservative figure. Some of the Hutu tribe from the President of the victims were "planned, systematic, deliberate mass murder operations.
Tutsi soldiers massacred Hutus body was thrown into the mass grave
4 months, about 1.5 million Rwandans fled the country, about 27 chaos 000 children separated from their families, rescue organizations shooting and paste photos of these unaccompanied children, for their families to identify

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