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October 3.1999-Sony founder Akio Morita's death

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October 3, 1999 (August 24), Spring, Sony founder Akio Morita's death. the death of Honorary President Akio Morita of Sony

Sony founder Akio Morita's death
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Sony's co-founder, honorary chairman of Sony, Akio Morita morning of October 3, 1999 10:25 pneumonia died in Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital, at the age of 78 years old, born in 1921
Akio Morita in Nagoya in central Japan. still high school students, he would have to learn to get to know the rice wine the secret of the industry, in the winter learning to identify rice wine fermentation. decades later, he admitted: "I never really fell in love with alcoholic beverages."
Morita lived an affluent area in Nagoya with the the car big Wang Fengtian home neighbors within the mansion also has a private tennis court. the Western lifestyle Emperor himself introduced, but the most wealthy families interested in the pre-war Japanese society. Morita love for their own culture on the one hand , sometimes almost nationalists; the other hand, influenced by western culture of the West, especially the United States fascinated
back in the early Meiji Morita grandfather hired a Frenchman planting grapes and brewing wine unfortunately failed, the grape seedlings grown roots tumor aphids from Bordeaux higher price to disease, but the Frenchman to Sheng Tian bring new ideas and concepts, one day, his father brought back a phonograph, then Nagoya nobody seen that stuff. younger Morita again to listen to over and over goes only album - French composer La Weier package Rowe dance he subscribed to that several professional journals, all day crunching electronic , the assembly of the phonograph and radio receivers, also tried to steel strings produce a wired recorder his father wanted him to study economics or law, he was studying physics at the University.
Soon, World War II broke out in Europe, followed by Japan of war mobilization. want to avoid on the front line, you have to seek jobs in the military research department. then, the military in a coastal town near Tokyo Zushi sets have a research team specializing in heat guided projectiles and infrared targeting system, he related to the group, a civilian named Masaru Ibuka, an excellent engineer. Later, Morita is with he founded the famous Sony [on www.TodayOnHistory.com]
the end of the war, Ibuka and Morita started to develop electrical appliances, but without success. They developed a project is automatically steamed rice cooker, very bad results, not paste rice pan out is half-cooked. then, Morita persuaded his father to agree him to go to achieve his dream: to build his electrical company in Tokyo. then, the 25-year-old Morita and Masaru Ibuka decided to use the 38-year-old wartime research and product development in the areas they know best - Radio aspects capital is Morita pockets only $ 500 1946, They established a Tokyo electronics company, the production of some parts of the radio and tape recorder, business is okay, which makes the team was able to tape recorder, led by Masaru Ibuka radio shortly from the monopoly of the National Radio and Television - Radio, Japan win the first contract, the development of a hybrid recording device is the radio when their small company a few wooden shed , rain leakage, inadequate funds, to either the old Morita trust and support, the company has long been the collapse of several positive aid to them had, the old Morita soon became the largest shareholder of the company. (history Today www.TodayOnHistory.com)
the Ibuka convinced that the tape recorder's future, then Europe and the United States has this product, but in Japan no one has mastered the manufacturing process of the tape., they finally shipped 50 recorder in 1950, the quality is very good, but the price was too high. Morita later recalled: "Our customers not yet exist to produce a 50 tape recorder, but into a product that people want to buy commodities, Masaru Ibuka, and I have no experience time, Morita produced an idea: Since this machine is too expensive for individual administrative departments, why not sell it? proved, the courts and the school's very interested. Morita began competent sales. ( lsjt.org)
in semiconductor applications demonstrated Masaru Ibuka and Morita's shrewd late 1940s, developed by Bell Labs in the United States successfully semiconductor, however, no one imagine that it will be used in the manufacture of false ear a wide range of uses 1953, Sheng Tian to the U.S. negotiating purchase of patents, the transaction quickly reached, but on one condition: shall not manufacture fake ear! Sheng Tian can not wait to accept the. interesting is, trouble touches from Japan, through production provincial also do not understand the benefits of semiconductor opposed to spend $ 25,000 to buy its patent. Morita had to find the relationship between intercede, and finally win a green light. Morita'll never forget it, he said: "MITI did not initially like a as some people claim to actively promote the Japan Electronic Industry Development. "
Ibuka leadership team is expected to semiconductor tremendous usefulness, later it has revolutionized the electronics industry it is this year, the Tokyo electronics company decided renamed Sony "Sony" word derived from the Latin "sonus" (sound) 1957 Sony produced the first portable transistor radio, you can put in your pocket where in fact, its size is larger than ordinary pocket. okay, sewing the pocket the Morita dignitaries to the salesman overalls. a business sense Morita, Ibuka talented engineers hard at work. They under the impetus of the 1960s, Sony introduced a three-in-one TV and the first batch of semiconductor recorders, won a worldwide reputation in the field of home appliances. subsequently, Sony is leading the way in many home appliances.
Morita like to get rid of stereotypes of Japanese companies, quite bold. late 1980s, before leaving office, Morita, has acquired the U.S. CBS Corporation and Columbia Pictures a move that shocked the United States, "Newsweek said:" part of the American soul is sold . "In the 1990s, Japan's financial bubble burst, Morita was the first to condemn the Japanese crisis management" entrepreneurs., low purchasing power of the Japanese working-class holiday , he called for a revolution in the social practice, to follow the example of the current practice in Europe. several Japanese business leaders shouting provocative, but after a few months, Japan crisis, the then Chairman of the Employers' Federation of major Japanese brewing reelection Morita is the most promising candidate, however, he was once a brain hemorrhage and had to withdraw from all social activities. now, Akio Morita, a life with his family in Hawaii House who was originally a rice wine, the heir has long away from Nagoya plains of rice paddies, the the appliance industry pioneer.
became postwar

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