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January 18.1955-Yijiangshan Island landings

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January 18, 1955 (Jiawu the twelfth lunar month 25), Yijiangshan Island landings.

Yijiangshan Island landings
the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force for the first time put into the fleet to cover the landing force
1955 1 18, in order to fight against the arrogance of the Kuomintang army, the determination of the Central Military Commission, the liberation of the islands of the southeast coast of Zhejiang, the People's Liberation Army Huadong Military Region to an infantry division, the various types of ships of 137, 22 aviation brigade, was launched on January 18 Yijiangshan Island landing operations. Entire Yijiangshan Island ferry landing operations lasted 10 hours, a total of 519 people killed by the Kuomintang army captured 567 sank warship three wounded four. Yijiangshan Island is overcome, the KMT army entrenched in Dachen islands of lost peripheral barrier forced to be inducted into the U.S. armed forces under the cover of nearly two million people to flee to Taiwan residents on the island. (Lssdjt.cn)
Yijiangshan Island Landing Operation, although small, but the impact is far-reaching. This is my land, sea and air forces for the first time the joint operations of the enemy on the offshore islands, made invaluable collaborative experience in landing operations, fired the first shot of victory for all liberation Zhejiang coastal islands.

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