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February 6.1956-The State Council issued instructions on the promotion of Putonghua "

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(Yi Wei twelfth lunar month 25), February 6, 1956, the State Council issued instructions on the promotion of Putonghua.

1956, the State Council issued "instructions" on the promotion of Putonghua, the nationwide promotion of Putonghua. "Instructions" Putonghua "voice for the standard pronunciation of Beijing-based dialect northern dialect syntax specification, as a model of modern vernacular writings Putonghua formally identified. Promote this Putonghua in the culture and education system, and various aspects of people's lives, promote Chinese to achieve the complete reunification of the way. . " The promotion of Putonghua on February 10 of the same year, the Central Working Committee was established in Beijing. Since 1998, the third week of September each year for the national promotion of Putonghua Awareness Week.

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