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October 12.1968-19th Olympic Games held in Mexico

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October 12, 1968 (, Shigenobu August 21), the 19th Olympic Games held in Mexico. the

19th Olympic Games held in Mexico
19th Olympic Games held in Mexico
19th Olympic Games held in Mexico
19th Olympic Games held in Mexico
19th Olympic Games held in Mexico
"Jumping Antelope" Chi Cheng
1968 October 12, 2010, Mexicans specifically to Columbus' discovery of the New World 476 anniversary (October 12) as the 19th opening day of the Olympic Games.
this plateau event unforgettable series of several magically create world record in the men's track and field. Jim - Hynes break 10-second barrier in the 100 meters final for the first time, winning by nine seconds 95, this achievement until 1983 was only refresh. - Tom Smith to break through the 20-second barrier in the 200-meter race, winning in 19 seconds 83. - Bob Beamon that has been hailed as "the 21st century hop" exactly 55 centimeters more than the world record at that time.
American player Di - Fosbury Fosbury in the high jump race win. Although the results were not outstanding, but the technical revolution, improve results and promote the development of the high jump since a great deal of positive role.
Taiwan's Chi Cheng won the bronze medal in the 80 meter hurdles race, this is the only medal of the Asian track and field female athletes in the Olympic Games. After two years of tough training, in 1970, she Tian Tan has achieved fruitful results, creating a total of seven world records and won when the title of the world's best female athletes.
Olympic Games for the first time a formal gender and doping, Bulgarian wrestler was found medication were removed from. the
10 27, when the Olympic flame is gradually extinguished the electric sports arena scoreboard flashed "1972 - Munich", when hundreds of fireworks fired at the sky, Mexico City once again immersed in the carnival.
Mexico Olympic 200 meters gold bronze medalist Tom - Smith and John - Carlos held up on the podium wearing black gloves fists to protest America's racial policies
< br> Di - Forsberg picked the Mexico Olympic high jump gold medal to his original "Fosbury" to set off a high jump technique a revolution
to Basilio, Mexican track and field athletes in Olympic history a lighting of the Olympic flame the female
- Bob Beamon amazing hop his world record remains 25 years

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