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January 2.1905-Lushunkou Russian troops surrendered to the Japanese in the Russo-Japanese War

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January 2, 1905 (of Jiachen the winter months 27) Lushunkou Russian troops surrendered to the Japanese in the Russo-Japanese War.

Lushunkou Russian troops surrendered to the Japanese in the Russo-Japanese War
1. After the Japanese half-year-long siege offensive, General Anatoly - Stowe Purcell finally surrendered Port Arthur. 16:30 today, is the wood Kisuke generals in Tokyo Stowe Purcell Surrender. The Japanese emperor guarantee all surrendered troops would be treated humanely. However, according to the Japanese practice, Stowe Purcell will be sentenced to death; unless Czar Nicholas Laken come forward for his plea.
Stowe Purcell and his troops have made incredible efforts. The city remaining 45,000 Russian soldiers, 7700 people died, 1.5 million people were injured. Stowe Purcell before complete surrender, surrender of 10,000 soldiers in a state of hunger. Between November 27 to December 5, the Japanese side, a total of 11,000 soldiers died. Some people did not die from gunfire, but a fall on the Russians set in layers of barbed wire around the city. Survivors marching buried in the corpse of the partners in the snow, struggling but firmly forward.
in Tokyo, set off firecrackers, happily drinking to celebrate the victory. The Russian public has not been Lushunkou the fall of the news. The Tsar expect the Russian military victory, in order to facilitate his crackdown on domestic unrest. And now it seems he is probably unable to continue against his people. With the fall of Port Arthur, hope to keep the central Manchuria also came to naught. British naval circles to talk about possible Russian Pacific Fleet will be transferred back to the domestic. They legends will accept the request of President Franklin D. Roosevelt to come forward to mediate. [Lssjt.cn]

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