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October 7.1860-Anglo-French invasion army burned the Yuanmingyuan

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October 7, 1860, August 23 (Gengshen years), the Anglo-French invasion army burned the Yuanmingyuan. been burned before Yuanmingyuan

Anglo-French invasion army burned the Yuanmingyuan
Anglo-French invasion army burned the Yuanmingyuan
"target =" _blank "> Yuanmingyuan Haiyan Tong photo
, in 1860, British and French troops broke into the Yuanmingyuan, crazy robbery in order to eliminate handling stolen goods cover his tracks, to cover up the crime, October 7 to 9, Britain, France, burn the Yuanmingyuan. (TodayinHistory.cn)
the first time in 1840 after the Opium War, the Western capitalist countries forced the Qing government signed the first batch of unequal treaties, from China to grab the indemnity, agreement tariff, open five Tongshang, consular jurisdiction and one-sided MFN status and many privileges. the British bourgeois thought through these unequal treaties dumping a large number of goods to China, but This is not true According to historical records, the British input goods in 1850 than in 1844 less £ 750,000. appear reasons for this situation, self-sufficient economy in China tenaciously resisted the intrusion of foreign goods; increase in the opium trade and the development of legitimate trade there was a contradiction in the United Kingdom. input opium due to a large number of British and other colonialists to China after the Opium War, China's silver continue outflow, so that Chinese exports of tea, more than half of the raw silk revenue offset weakness more purchase of British manufactured goods, which of course is very detrimental to the British bourgeoisie is necessary to safeguard the opium trade to bring great benefits to it, but also to expand China's industrial sales so it is necessary to force the Qing government more open trading port, and further control of the Chinese Customs, to strengthen the control of the Qing government.
order to further open the door to China, Britain, France, the United States and other Western countries to repair about names in an attempt to oppress the Qing government to its new aggression interest in May 1853, the British first proposed requirements of the relevant provisions of the amendments to the "Nanjing Treaty" has been set, the United States and France, rapidly followed by the Qing government refused. colonial British, American, French, activists set off a "rounding off" negotiations did not succeed, the angry, decided to launch a new war of aggression against China to achieve its unreasonable demands of the morning of October 8, 1856, parked near the pier in Guangzhou Haizhu Fort "Yarrow" Rowing is for sail ready this time, a Qing patrol craft hurtling from Guangdong navy officers and soldiers boarded the rowboat, the whole ship 14 sailors one by one to cross-examine identity and put 12 of them to be detained, taken into custody on the patrol boat, brought back to Guangzhou. "Yarrow" was originally the Chinese Su Yacheng a load of 100 tons of rowing, and later by pirates snatched belongs to China and, after Fang Yaming all become a smuggling ship. collar over in order to facilitate the smuggling, authorities in Hong Kong license, but has expired. the Chinese navy searched smuggling boat, catching Walking Chinese sailors, is purely China's internal affairs, but the British consul in Guangzhou Parkes excuse for ship registered in Hong Kong, licensed, and insist that the British ship he fabricated the story out of thin air, after the board of the Chinese navy had ripped off on board the British flag, an insult to the British, so he leaves to the Governor of Guangdong and Guangxi Mingchen issued a tough note to unreasonable demands the immediate return of all the detained person who commits an apology and compensation, but also to the United Kingdom, October 23, the British Admiral Simma Mi each led by a British warship broke into the Province River to Guangzhou offensive to provoke the Second Opium War.
archenemy, Governor of Guangdong and Guangxi Ye Mingchen blindly compromise ordered not allowed to fight back. Oct. 29, British forces invaded the city of Guangzhou, Ye Chen hurried escape the spring of 1857, "Yarrow" the news spread of the incident in London, the English the bourgeois set off the war clamor, the British Parliament passed the expansion of the war of aggression against the proposal. March, the British government appointed former Canadian Governor Elgin is a discretionary envoy, led an Army and Navy to China; issued a note to the law, the United States, Russia and other countries at the same time proposed joint send troops forced the Qing government to sign the unequal treaties October, France Napoleon III (Louis Bonaparte), also an excuse "Ma priest event "(ie, the" the Xilin lesson plan ") appointed gaylord Minister Plenipotentiary, led an invading army, the name to" defend the holy church, under the guise of the war ", open to China following the British army after the United States and Russia also agreed to the proposal of the United Kingdom, actively supported Britain, France to launch a new war of aggression against China., four ambitious invaders, based on common interests, temporarily formed a joint invasion of China Front, first stirred further expanded by the British the Second Opium War.
10, Elgin gold gaylord has led the fleet to reach Hong Kong American discretionary Minister the column Wei Lian and the Russian envoy Putiyating have rushed to Hong Kong, conspired with Britain, France, invasion of China strategy. Dec., Britain, France and the coalition forces, a total of 5600 people. Dec. 12, representatives of Britain, France issued a note to the Governor of Guangdong and Guangxi Ye Mingchen, and went to the city of Guangzhou negotiations "rounding" compensation for the losses, and limited to reply within 10 days, or attack to Guangzhou. leaves Mingchen neither ignore the note verbale of the British, French, and not ready for any defensive war. On December 28
, British and French troops bombarded the city of Guangzhou, Ye Mingchen escape, the Guangzhou General Mucke Dana and Guangdong governor Bo your shameless surrender. 30, Guangzhou has again been occupied by British and French troops. occupation of the ultimate goal of Guangzhou is not the aggressor April 1858, Britain, France, the United States, Russia, States warships in succession northward to the Taku. at 8 o'clock on May 20, the British and French troops note to the Qing government, ordering Qing Taku forts surrender within two hours. Qing government disregarded two hours later, the British and French troops flagrantly dozens of small steamships and junks broke into the Taku Taku forts launched a fierce attack. Shou Fort patriotic officers and men to rise up against the slap in the face to the invaders, but the end result of a weak defense, the imbalance of power, Taku occupied 26, the British and French troops arrived outside the city of Tianjin, the Qing government hastily sent on the 29th to Tianjin, the the scholar Guiliang and the board of civil chancery chenille yarn satisfied, negotiations with representatives of Britain, France and other countries, and on June 26 and 27, respectively, signed the "Treaty of Tianjin
Britain, France and other countries insatiable on, he went to Beijing to exchange approximately names, ready to expand the war of aggression against China Spring, British and French warships in 1860 and eventually opened to China, and Dagu estuary regroup the end of July. 1 August, the British and French troops captured Beitang, captured the 14th Tanggu, 21, captured the Taku, the 24th Tianjin. clear government rushed to send Guiliang and the Hanford to Tianjin summation, but invaders mean to be captured Beijing in negotiations wild speculations continue to complicate the issue, so that the failure of the negotiations, the British and French troops approaching Beijing September 18, the British and French troops captured Zhangjiawan and Tongzhou, 21, took over Baliqiao Emperor Xianfeng ladder the gall to send his six younger brother Prince Gong Yi? imperial envoys, staying in Beijing, presided, and meeting the morning of the 22nd, the Emperor Xianfeng with a consorts, princes, Prince of Wales and a number of ministers, hurriedly fled Rehe palace (now Hebei Chengde Mountain Hills) Oct. 5, British and French troops under the gates of Beijing. According to the information provided by the the Russian diplomat Ignatius Cincinnati Aliyev: Qing defenders concentrated in the Lower East Side, North City is the weakest areas, should be the first to invade; and heard Qing emperor of China is in the northwest of the Summer Palace, British and French troops around the copy Andingmen deshengmen, invaded the Yuanmingyuan the will Yuanmingyuan, looted and burned the Yuanmingyuan incident that shocked the world manufacturing.
< ; br> the Yuanmingyuan scenic location map (partial)
, Yuanmingyuan is located in the northwestern suburbs of Beijing, the Ming Dynasty in 1709, the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi of the park gave four sons Yin Zhen (later Emperor Yongzheng), (L $ djτ.ЙЁT) and Ciming Yuanmingyuan. 150 Yongzheng and Qianlong, Jiaqing, Daoguang, Emperor Xianfeng five years of operation, the concentration of a large number of material resources, servitude countless artisans devoted the blood and sweat of millions of working people, to put it meticulously created a grand scale, scenic Rikyu.

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