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October 15.1957-Central to develop criteria for the classification of the "right-wing" elements

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October 15, 1957 (, Ding leap August 22), the central development of criteria for the classification of "right-wing" elements. the

Central to develop criteria for the classification of the "right-wing" elements
National Day in 1957, holding the "anti-rightist struggle in the end," the huge banner parade.
1957 10 15, the CPC Central Committee issued the divided rightist standard.
"notice" provisions of the standard: (1) against the socialist system. (2) against the dictatorship of the proletariat, against the democratic centralism. (3) against the leadership of the Communist Party in the country's political life. (4) for the purpose of splitting the unity of the people to oppose socialism and against the Communist. (5) against the socialist organizations and actively participate in anti-Communist cabal; plan to overthrow the leadership of the Communist Party, a department or a grass-roots units; incitement against the Communist Party, the opposition People's Government of the riots. (6) for committing the above offenses rightist ideas, Latin America, through intelligence, to report to them the secrets of the revolutionary organizations.
"notice" also stipulates that: right-wing extremists should be classified as one of the following circumstances: the careerist (1) right-wing activities, led by molecular mastermind molecular backbone elements. (2) The proposed anti-Party and anti-socialist programmatic advice and active advocate of this view of the molecule. (3) anti-Party and anti-socialist activities particularly harsh, especially resolute molecules. (4) in the history of consistently opposing communism and the people, actively reactionary activities in this right-wing attack molecules. Central (lssjt.cn) also provides that permission for examination and approval and should not be classified as a rightist situations. The notice also pointed out, (L $ djτ.cōm) divided Rightists have the right procedures.

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