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October 7.1986-The death of Marshal Liu

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October 7, 1986, the fourth day of September (Bingyin), Marshal Liu's death. The death of Marshal Liu

The death of Marshal Liu
"target =" _blank "> Liu Bocheng
" If once I died, to the inscription on my tombstone 'Bolshevik, Liu Bocheng' twelve characters, That is my greatest glory. "This is the winter of 1942, Liu Bocheng appreciation speech on a word in their own 50 birthday, 44 years later, the great warrior of the Chinese people, an outstanding member of the Communist Party of China, (L $ djτ cōm), one of the founders of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, a great proletarian revolutionary, strategist, died of illness in Beijing his glorious life worthy of a true Bolshevik, a model worthy of Bolshevik.
Liu Bocheng is Sichuan Kaixian people, 1892 December 4 Sunrise Born poor peasant family. youth he Toubicongrong against the northern warlords protecting the country, Custodian of the war, to become resourceful, brave and skilled Sichuan in the famous. May 1926, Liu Bocheng added Chinese Communist Revolution, he launched the the Luzhou uprising, to coordinate the Northern Expedition. In 1927, he initiated and led the Nanchang Uprising, arduous struggle to create a people's army.
twenty-five thousand long march, he first provoke bring up the rear burden of command of the Fifth Army Group and several times in my powerful enemies fought a bloody war, and to ensure the safe transfer of central authority. then he Yong any advance commander has opened the path for the Red Army, led his troops chopped off to narrow wins rescue Stagecoach Zhu Battle in the The breakthrough Wujiang outsmart Zunyi, Siduchishui, clever crossing the Jinsha River, force a crossing Dadu, displayed his military genius, and to establish the historical feats and Yi Goo-based home leader lobular Dan "drink blood for the Union" sworn brothers, the Red Army passed the story of Yi District, pass to the Long March in the history of the elephants., Fourth Army, (l $ jτ.cń) his separatist activities with the tao were resolute struggle.
during the War of Resistance against Japan, Liu and Deng led his troops fought in North behind enemy lines, to carry out the people's guerrilla war, the establishment of the Shanxi-Hebei-Shandong-Henan base, strengthen the people's armed forces have made important for the world anti-fascist war period of contribution.
in the war of liberation, (lssdjt.cn) he led thousands of troops crossed the Yellow River, the Dabie Mountain (Lssdjt.com) inline Kuomintang rule the hinterland regions. Liu and Deng enemy Megatron gall invincible, and write a glorious chapter in our military strategic counteroffensive After a series of major battles τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm Liu Bocheng have demonstrated extraordinary military art immortal feats for the creation of the People's Republic of China. < br> In the decades of military career, Liu Bocheng battle-hardened, has been wounded by up to nine times as much, but also lost a precious eyes then, Liu Bocheng shuaibing to participate in Taoyuan protect the country's war. the heat of battle, his right eye and parietal wounded underserved because at that time, had to cut tobacco blocking dressing wounds. than a month later, the right eye inflammation, after Chongqing for treatment by a German citizen with a doctor surgical dredged right eye, and put on fake eye. Liu Bocheng not affect memory, anesthetic surgery useless. his Renzhaojutong, sweating profusely, and did not utter a word after the surgery, the doctors the thumbs that : "It's worthy of a hero!" the end of 1950, Liu was ordered to founder Military Academy, and dean and chief political commissar of the Military Academy trained a large number of both ability and integrity of middle and high-ranking military commanders. within a few years, in order to advance China's modernization, regularized and revolutionary army building, make a significant contribution to 1955, he was awarded the rank of Marshal.

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