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October 10.1992-Death of calligrapher Sha Menghai

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October 10, 1992 (, Ren Shen on September 15), calligraphers Sha Menghai death. death of

Death of calligrapher Sha Menghai
Death of calligrapher Sha Menghai
Death of calligrapher Sha Menghai
Sha Menghai "target =" _blank "> Sha Menghai In October 1992, the the contemporary books altar dean, a famous scholar, Mr. Sha Menghai, illness invalid passed away at age 93 in Hangzhou
Sha Menghai, formerly known as text if, Zhejiang Yinxian TCM family, born on June 11, 1900, the young principal court training, as early learning Fragrance law, graduated from Zhejiang Normal. after a hard self-study and worship Jun Feng wood, Chen Qi Huai for the division to Shanghai and transfer beneficial multi-division Guangzhou Zhongshan University matriculation professor in 1929. 1949, he served as Zhejiang University Department of Chinese Professor, Zhejiang Province Cultural Relics Management Committee of the Standing Committee. 1963 any Zhejiang United States Branch Professor hospital calligraphy and seal cutting. (1 $ djτ.cōm) served as the honorary curator of the Zhejiang Provincial Museum, Xilingyinshe president, the vice chairman of the Chinese Calligraphers Association post
Sha Menghai knowledgeable school consistent past and present, have profound attainments of book learning, philology, and seal, philology, epigraphy, archeology, and monographs. matchless breaking of nest the standings books at home and the mighty point plan subtlety, contemporary look to become , contemporary wind model. calligraphy Whether Zhuanli Kai grass, on behalf of the North Monument the male strong all the way, occupies an important position in the history of calligraphy. "of Sha Menghai book FORUM issued on", "of Sha Menghai calligraphy set," Indian School "and many more kinds of writings advent
Sha Menghai works: six feet the whole lot of the poetry of Su the 1983
Sha Menghai works: the first paragraph of the book spectrum vertical shaft 1986

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