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October 15.1998-Tiananmen Square, people performing tai chi

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(Tiger August 25), October 15, 1998, Tiananmen Square, people performing tai chi.

Tiananmen Square, people performing tai chi
24-style Taijiquan spectacle.
1998 10, 15, ten thousand tai chi enthusiasts from home and abroad gathered here, to hold an unprecedented scale Taiji, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Deng Xiaoping's inscription "shadow boxing" and Chinese martial arts The Association was founded in the 40th anniversary.
autumn, Wai Fung Cheong. Tiananmen Square, tai chi drill team face 98 is a row Taiji Cup "people South commenced. In 0900, the national anthem of the People's Republic of China resounding melody opened the curtain of the General Assembly. Li Jie, Chairman of the Chinese Wushu Association, said in a speech at the meeting: November 16, 1978, Comrade Deng Xiaoping inscribed Japanese friends 'tai chi', this important inscription not only praise the Chinese martial arts, is also great inspiration in the world martial arts. Chinese martial arts originated in China, the world has been all over the world, different countries, an important means of fitness of people of different races, strong body. The International Wushu Federation has 77 members, Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa and Oceania have been established Wushu Federation. The martial arts have the qualifications to enter the Olympic family. "My show began with the National People's Congress Vice Chairman Wang Guangying announced, has been drills are staid and forward Tai Chi melody, static and dynamic, began to drill a 24-style Taijiquan. Drill team uniform advance from west to east by east to west Rouhuan movement, like line cloud lengthy, lingering like water. Then, seven side team 42-style Taijiquan began performances reflect the meaning of Taijiquan offensive and defensive Push Hands and today's spread wider Chen, Yang, Wu, Wu, Sun Style and organized by the Chinese Wushu Association Compilation .
Taijiquan kinds Lianfa, traceable to the 16th century Henan Wenxian Chenjiagou Chen Chuanxi armed fist. In the 18th century, the advent of "shadow boxing spectrum," details push intended to end what boxing, longevity is not the old Spring purpose. Tai Chi Chuan has been listed as an official event of the Chinese Wushu Association and International Wushu Federation. 24-style Taijiquan music sounded again after the end of the
kinds of Taijiquan. People drill square static and moving, dancing with the tunes flowing, turn spin. The sound action reflects the effects of tai chi fitness; neat lineup, to show the exercise by the spirit of harmony.
to participate in the exercises, tai chi enthusiasts from Beijing, where there are foreign diplomats and representatives of the students. In addition, Yang style Taijiquan compose Yang Lu Chan hometown descendant and the United States, South Korea, Macau, tai chi enthusiasts traveled came to participate in the drills.

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