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October 10.2000-Henan Nanyang found a number of rare inscriptions bronzes

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September 13 (Dragon), October 10, 2000, Henan Nanyang found a number of rare inscriptions bronzes. 2000 10 10

Henan Nanyang found a number of rare inscriptions bronzes

, Henan Nanyang found a number of rare inscriptions bronzes. Nanyang City, Henan Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology,
recently to explore a Spring and Autumn tombs, found that a number of its inscribed bronzes. Experts say the bronze objects are not rare in this period tombs have been excavated, but it is very rare, but with inscriptions on the bronzes. the
Nanyang Spring and Autumn tomb is 6.8 meters long, 4 meters wide, 5.3 meters deep. Grave not Mudao to, nor stolen, funerary objects preserved complete. Over 20 large bronze objects found in the tomb of one of the higher value of its inscribed bronze "Five Ding four?" Belly diameter of over 40 cm, two bronze Fou, engraved with animal ears two bronze side pot about 40 cm high, the huge bronze disc of more than 60 cm in diameter, and a bronze dagger with a bone sheath and "turn" a. Archaeological experts, preliminary research based on these characteristics of bronze objects unearthed tomb age around the 5th century BC, the range between the late Spring and Autumn and Warring States early.
Nanyang Municipal Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology experts said Dong Quansheng, the discovery of the tomb of the study of the political, economic, and cultural development and application evolution and demise in the spring and autumn the late Warring States early, are extremely important reference value. Reviews
: precious relics must protect!

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