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October 14.1952-The Korean War Shangganling battle began

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October 14, 1952 (, Imjin August 26), Major Battle of the Korean War began. positions in the volunteer soldiers of

The Korean War Shangganling battle began
The Korean War Shangganling battle began
The Korean War Shangganling battle began
The Korean War Shangganling battle began
The Korean War Shangganling battle began
Shangganling relying on the counter-attack
anti Road fortifications in July 1952, [history cn] in order to seek the solution of the Korean War POW issue, Chinese negotiators to the United States put forward by both sides The captured militants All the principle of repatriation. The U.S. still insists on the "voluntary repatriation" of the proposition, and on October 8 and arbitrary one-sided declaration of truce talks adjourned sine die. Then, on October 14 launched an attack on the two companies to a Major Volunteers positions. The United States called "Golden offensive. (Lsjt.org)
a Major, is located in the central front of our military strategic points Wusheng Shan foothill prominent position, directly threatening the other gold-oriented line of defense. Each other in order to exert military pressure on our military in order to create favorable position at the negotiation table, in order to improve its defense posture in the region of Kimhwa to the army launched a very frenzied attack, is the largest military offensive in the past year, attempt to force our military concessions. Enemy to mobilize more than 60,000 troops, 300 pieces of artillery, tanks, over 170 vehicles, flew more than 3,000 sorties, even the volunteers two positions of approximately 3.7 square kilometers pouring more than 190 million rounds of artillery shells, bombs, more than 5,000 pieces. Combat intensity is taken, especially artillery firepower density has exceeded the level of the Second World War. Our positions in the hills is undercutting two meters, the bombing of the Highland earth and rock loose 1-2 meters into scorched earth, many of the trenches is playing short five or six meters. Although the enemy to use the history of World War unprecedented concentration of artillery, but not hit breaking the Volunteers of steel line of defense. Volunteers fighting forces, a total of more than 40,000 people. They rely on the rugged defensive positions in trenches as the backbone, brave and tenacious fight against the attack of the enemy, each surface positions are repeated contention several times, unprecedented intense fighting.
battle, the emergence of a blockage in the body the eyes of the enemy machine guns, as shock troops open road Principal hero, super hero Huang Jiguang; legs were broken still insisted on directing the battle in the last breath sounding last a grenade roll toward the enemy base, PL hero, a hero and enemy platoon SUN Zhan; new soldiers Hu monasticism, in the case of class comrades casualties, adhere to the position battle, bravery and wit to repel enemy more than 40 military assault, kill and wound more than 280 of the enemy, to hold the position, Li PL power, was a war hero title. Communication hero cattle Baocai, was seriously injured in the fighting, and to connect the line to be interrupted in the last breath of life, with his own body, to ensure the smooth command liaison, Li PL reactive, were two fighting hero title. There are many heroes, the epic heroic deeds. Major Battle
world-famous, sustained fight lasting 43 days, friend or foe repeatedly compete for positions up to 59 times, our army repulsed the enemy 900 assault, wiped out 25,000 enemy, enemy aircraft shot down or damaged more than 270 aircraft, 14 tanks, artillery, more than 60 door. The crushing offensive personally directed by the commander of the U.S. 8th Army Fanfulite, to hold the position, to create examples of defensive warfare stick. The purpose of this offensive launched by United Nations forces "is an attempt to reverse the the passive situation on the battlefield, however, the result was the opposite. At that time, the Associated Press reported: "The gold campaign, now has to the Korean War unprecedented intensity. Personnel casualties and the use of a large number of substances, in addition to the 1950 defeat of the Allied forces in North Korea situation is unprecedented. " (Today in History www.TodayOnHistory.com)
new soldiers of Hu the monastic
Shangganling positions iceberg
the Volunteers a unit of seven with soldiers easy scholarship in the platoon Reconciled $ cover next, blasting U.S. firepower the point
Maleonn battle, the the Volunteers captured British officers and soldiers a

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