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October 12.1946-Stilwell died from stomach cancer

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October 12, 1946 (September 18) BingXu Stilwell died from stomach cancer. Stillwell of

Stilwell died from stomach cancer
Stilwell died from stomach cancer
Stilwell died from stomach cancer
Stilwell died from stomach cancer
Stilwell died from stomach cancer
died of stomach cancer "target =" _blank "> Stillwell
1946 October 12, 2010, Stilwell died from stomach cancer.
history Dewey, March 19, 1883 Born in Palatka, Florida, USA. U.S. Army World War II generals, had command of U.S. forces in the Far East mainland Chinese Nationalist forces to resist the Japanese attack.
graduated from West Point in New York in 1904 and 1944 to qualify for the Army General. before serving in the Philippines during World War I in the United States to Europe Expeditionary Force, he served as instructor at West Point. studied Chinese, had served in Tianjin (1926 -1929), the outbreak of the Second World War in the Beijing Ren Wuguan (1935-1939)., Chiang Kai-shek appointed him to the Chinese army's chief of staff, order their command in Myanmar with Chinese 5th Army and 6th Army in 1942 for The Japanese army was defeated, the rate of the remnants of the retreat to India during World War II command of all U.S. forces in the territory of China, Burma and India. early 1945 connection the Allied supply Burma Road (BurmaRoad), highway - Ledo Road, was renamed the Stilwell Road. Pacific theater 10 U.S. Army commander was appointed, to accept more than 10 million Japanese surrender in August 1945 in the Ryukyu Islands. March 1946 in San Francisco, either, commander of the 6th Army, until his death. (L $ djτ. of cōm)
Stilwell in Myanmar front-line
, Stilwell and Chiang Kai-shek couple photo
Stilwell and Sun Li-jen (left), Liao Yaoxiang discussion the battle plan
Stilwell and Chennault (right) the relationship is not harmonious

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