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October 12.1954-And the Soviet Union signed a package of economic and technical cooperation projects

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(Sino-Japanese, September 16), October 12, 1954, and the Soviet Union signed a package of economic and technical cooperation projects. In October 1954, 12 (? v in the history of this?? com) Sino-Soviet government signed a joint communique "on the Soviet Union AG shares handed over to the People's Republic of China, cooperation in science and technology. agreed joint communique, "the communique on the construction of the Lanzhou - Urumqi - Almaty railway organization intermodal, construction Jining - Ulaanbaatar Railway relevant organizations intermodal joint communiques." SFAS: Xinjiang Province from 1950 to 1951, the Sino-Soviet Joint mining of non-ferrous and rare metals company, Xinjiang Province mining and refining of oil companies, Dalian, repair and construction of the ship's company, organization and operation of civil aviation routes the company, since The full transfer of the People's Republic of China on January 1, 1955. The communique provides: Sino-Soviet government will no consideration and mutual supply of technical information, exchange relevant information, technical assistance and introduce achievements in science and technology between the two countries and the exchange of experts.

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