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October 15.1990-Modern poet, sequel by Yu died of illness in Beijing

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October 15, 1990 (August 27) Gengwu modern poet sequel by Yu died in Beijing. ,

1990 10 15, by Yu died in Beijing "target =" _blank "> by Yu died in Beijing.
by Yu, formerly known as Yu Ming Heng January 8, 1900 Born in Zhejiang Deqing modern poet, prose home and scholars in 1919 graduated from Peking University Arts former professor of Yenching University, Peking University and other schools. Peking University professor and researcher at the Institute of Literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
54 during the 1952 Pingbo the first new poetry publication "Poetry" magazine. Shinchosha, literary studies, Yusi community members in 1922, and Zhu Ziqing, (Lssdjt.com) Ye Shengtao such as the founder of the "May Fourth Movement" poetry "winter night" West also ", a collection of essays" salad children "guhuai dream encounter", "Yan Knows" "A Dream of Red Mansions Resolution" (after version published in 1923 renamed the "Dream of Red Mansions study") is the "new red school" one of the masterpieces. founding of New China, was selected as the first, second and third National People's Congress, the Fifth CPPCC National Committee.

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