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October 15.1925-Zhejiang Bong World War broke out.

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In (Yi Chou, August 28), October 15, 1925, Zhejiang Bong World War broke out. ,

1925 10 15, Fujian and Zhejiang Xunyue Shi Sun Chuan-fang is not a declaration of war, to Fengtian stormed, Zhejiang Bong outbreak of war. In November 1924, the second direct instructions from the end of the war, Fengtian generals Zhang Zongchang enter Shanghai. February 3, any Zhejiang supervised Sun Chuan-fang Fengtian entered into between Jiangsu and Zhejiang Peace Convention, convention Shanghai garrison. In May, Sun Chuan-fang withdrawal from Shanghai. But the Fengtian not fulfill the Convention to withdraw troops. August 29, Duan Ying Chang Tso-lin's request, any the Manchurian generals Yang Yuting Jiang Teng elected Anhui supervision Jiangsu supervision, Jinpu across the board are the warlord Feng control and intensify the contradictions of Zhejiang Bong. Sun Chuan-fang decision to expel Chang Tso-lin forces. Sun Chuan-fang,
10 10 in Hangzhou secret convening representatives of the provinces of Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, meeting to discuss the anti-Bong, while contact with Feng Yuxiang's National Army, decided to pre-emptive, undeclared war. 15, coalition forces commander in chief on behalf of the five provinces, under the pretext of the Fengtian breach of the peace in Zhejiang and Shanghai, energized denouncing the Fengtian launched a sudden attack. Sun Chuan-fang to the 3 divisions 分兵 5 Road to Fengtien offensive Fengtian retreat from Shanghai to preserve their strength. 19 fall of Nanjing. 21, Wu Pei-fu claiming 14 provincial coalition forces commander-in-chief announced "Taoni, Zhe Feng war to become the third straight Bong Battle. 23, Sun Jun stationed in Bengbu, the two armies the stalemate Anhui places with between jiagou.

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