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October 14.2001-The death of the great patriot, Mr. Zhang Xueliang

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October 14, 2001 (August 28), Government House, the death of the great patriot, Mr. Zhang Xueliang. the death of Mr. Zhang Xueliang, a great

The death of the great patriot, Mr. Zhang Xueliang
The death of the great patriot, Mr. Zhang Xueliang
Patriot "target =" _blank "> Mr. Zhang Xueliang illness rescue invalid at 20:50 on October 14 (Beijing time on the afternoon of the 15th 2 pm 50 minutes) Hawaii in the United States died at the age of 101 years old. funeral in the morning of October 23 in Honolulu Borthwick funeral home held.'s wishes, in Honolulu, the Temple of the Valley Memorial Mausoleum, his last year's death of his wife Zhao a Di with at burial Zhang Xueliang finally again with his lover of 72 years, who had accompanied Zhao Di "reunite" of Zhang Xueliang the life of
: Manchurian warlord Chang Tso-lin's eldest son, 16-year-old married, 17-year-old twins, two-year-old was promoted the Northeast Army Army Major, 28, become the commander of an area equivalent to the whole of Western Europe Manchuria in 1936, the "Young Marshal" Zhang Xueliang launched the Xi'an Incident. "has become a hero in China and changed the history of China and the world, but he get in return is the longest serving political prisoner in history, has fifty-three years under house arrest in the mainland and Taiwan. "
of Zhang Xueliang the life with a bit great women are closely related to each other 60 years, the woman is his bosom friend and companion Miss Zhao Si ---- Miss Zhao Yidi. their love life after a test of life and death, blood and fire, really years can be described as eternal farewell She is not only an influential years and Zhang know and love, and in his long-term "removed Mian shall, pillow Tears difficult to dry" Home Hill, "the flames of the rest of his life after only willing to study." claustrophobic days, give him warm and give him confidence, and write this century's most spectacular, the most touching love carol is no wonder that Zhang Xueliang commonly an authentic Northeast, then (history cn) pointing Zhao Si Miss said: "This is my girl!" the
Comments: the Marshal take a good.

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