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October 15.1944-The China the army annihilated Myanmar Bhamo card grams the Japanese

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(Jiashen August Eve), October 15, 1944, Chinese army annihilated Myanmar Bhamo, the grams the Japanese card.

The China the army annihilated Myanmar Bhamo card grams the Japanese
The China the army annihilated Myanmar Bhamo card grams the Japanese
The China the army annihilated Myanmar Bhamo card grams the Japanese
The China the army annihilated Myanmar Bhamo card grams the Japanese
Expeditionary Force soldiers entrenched in the Bhamo the Japanese troops street fighting
1944 in mid-October, the thirty-eighth Division of the Chinese army newly thirtieth division, the fiftieth Division to central Myanmar Bhamo the Japanese offensive . New thirty-eighth Division captured eight Mosey, about 10 kilometers Mo Make first, while the Japanese army outpost at the airport. Has three pairs, each a light machine gun, a grenade launcher, a rifle, guarding a point, as the distribution of surface resistance. New thirty-eighth Division had to mortars to destroy these strongholds. Consuming three days before the eradication of the guard positions, clinging to the Japanese, every stronghold melee to kill the last enemy to occupation.
the Japanese keep Bhamo, the main force of about 3,000 people. Stick to the west of the three sides, according to Troy Irrawaddy, along the north, east, south, on the outskirts of the city to build depth positions. Japanese to heavy machine guns, supplemented by anti-the chariot gun, configured to close hidden cross-side flame screens. The position is quite sturdy. New thirty-eighth Division took over a stronghold Zaigong a stronghold in advance, since early in the morning every day, the first Air Force bombing and artillery fire destroyed, and then the infantry tank cooperation with the occupied. Almost every night, the Japanese are carried out counter-attack, Huajun they must repel. The main front in Bhamo finally Huajun breakthrough, the Japanese feel siege hopeless, all injured soldiers thousand students drowned in the west of the Irrawaddy River in Beach southward along the river at night, and to the remnants of the breakout. Break through the Japanese most were killed in marshland, only hundreds of people scattered and fled to the mountain south of Bhamo. Bhamo overcome Housing all fire destroyed only overseas Chinese new one Guandi Temple exist independently. when
when the Chinese army newly thirty-eighth division attack Bhamo, the Japanese from Burma and western Yunnan Division out of eight infantry brigade, with artillery, engineers, by Namkham northwest attempt to West The hit New Army paranotum solution Siege of Bhamo. Midway card grams and New thirtieth division suffered heavy fighting. A regiment of New thirtieth division on the road, the Japanese army from south to insert, cut in two, an artillery positions occupied aircraft to airdrop food bomb was also Japanese air force shot down two. New thirtieth division of a corporation, by the highway north side of the mountain surrounded by the Japanese. New Army military also deployed newly first twelve of the thirty-eighth Division group transported by car to the card grams near the Japanese right side of the roundabout, and then from the north side of the mountain east back from Bhamo. After fighting the Japanese defeat, rout Namkham. New thirtieth division seized light machine guns, a lot of infantry guns and rifles and other weapons, and horses, and mules, elephants and impedimenta. Executive Wei Lihuang
Expeditionary Force commander Army in the frontline the observation fighting
expedition Heavies enemy heavy fire
expeditionary military flamethrower attack entrenched Tengchong of the Japanese
of edge of the town

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