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October 21.1987-The Kuomintang generals Yingqin died

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October 21, 1987 (on August Dingmao's Eve), KMT generals Yingqin, died.

The Kuomintang generals Yingqin died
Yingqin died "target =" _blank "> Yingqin First Army commander
1987 10 21, KMT generals Yingqin, died any time in the Northern Expedition.
Yingqin word Jingzhi, Guizhou Xingyi. February 13, 1889 (fourteen years of the Qing dynasty) students. early study in Japan, studying at the Military Academy graduation returning
1916, he served as the Commissioner of Police of Guizhou Province, Qian Jun fifth any professor in the Department of the Whampoa Military Academy Major General the mixed brigades Brigadier.
1924 total instructors, teach regiment. following year any of the first division of the KMT army. KMT First Army commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of the Northern Expedition.
; KMT Ning, Han, Shanghai confluence in 1927 anti-communist when he was a member of the Special Committee, a member of the National Government, and other staff. CPC base to launch a military campaign in Chiang Kai-shek, he served as the Front commander-in-chief.
1933 was transferred to the KMT Military Commission Beiping branch president, responsible for negotiations with the Japanese invaders, has signed the Tanggu Agreement, "Ho-Umezu Agreement," Qin soil Agreement the traitorous Treaty. the (lsjt.org)
during the war, he served as the KMT JMC Chief of Staff, the Army commander in chief. September 8, 1945, chaired the Chinese Theater Japanese surrender signing ceremony of the KMT's Minister without Portfolio, Minister of National Defense in 1948. March 1949, he was appointed president of the Executive Yuan. fly to Taiwan the same year. died October 21, 1987 in Taipei. (Lssdjt.com)

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