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February 12.1893-U.S. Admiral Bradley was born

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February 12, 1893 (Imjin years of the twelfth lunar month 26), U.S. Admiral Bradley was born.

U.S. Admiral Bradley was born
Omar Nelson Bradley was born "target =" _blank "> Bradley (Omar Nelson Bradley 1893-1975-1981) on February 12, Sunrise, 1893 Born in Missouri, United States State Clark family of teachers in 1910, graduated from high school, a railway mechanic needy.
1911 Bradley admitted to West Point, bearing in mind the motto "responsibility, honor, country" has withstood strict military training and culture learning four years later, Bradley graduated from West Point, went to the service in the northwestern United States. September 1920, was transferred to West Point mathematics instructors, start browsing and studied military history and military biography. the spring of 1924, was promoted to Major. (lssdjt.cn)
1924, Bradley allowed to enter the Infantry School in Fort Benning, post-graduate year, focus on learning warfare tactical Lee Army weapons use. graduation after Renying Zhang went to the 27th Infantry Regiment based in Hawaii, after the transfer to National Guard Hawaii Garrison worked, in September 1928, Bradley was ordered to enter the Army Command and General Staff School Postgraduate through learning and training, to master a good improved way of thinking, the ability to plan for the war and manage the war in September 1929, Bradley was transferred to the Department of the Infantry School in Fort Benning tactical instructors. following year, Bradley Marshall appointed as the weapons department head to become Marshall implementation teaching reform one of the chief aides after teaching for four years at the Infantry School, Bradley admitted to the Army War College Postgraduate 1934, Bradley was assigned to the West Point tactical department any instructors in July 1936, was promoted as a lieutenant colonel in 1938, Bradley transferred to the Army General Staff office In February.
1941, the Bradley was ordered to act as the Chancellor and Resident commander of the Infantry School at Fort Benning, promoted to leapfrog by Lieutenant Colonel Brigadier General. addition to comprehensive presided step school work, Bradley set up a reserve officer school intensive training in order to adapt to the large-scale military expansion to increase grassroots officers, the formation and training of tank forces and airborne troops, to improve the Army's mobile operations In December of the same year (? v history today?? com), Bradley was transferred under the reorganization of the 82nd Infantry Division, was promoted to Major General he invited famous York Middle-earth to speech, parade, recruits understand the history teacher, inspired rustic; implementation of rigorous physical exercise program, and enhance the physical quality of the soldiers in June of the following year, he was named the 28th National Guard Division Commander Bradley, term of office, the division trained troops. ( The l $ jτ.cń) In February 1943, (l $ jτ.cń) Bradley received the appointment was promoted to commander of the 10th Army of the United States command, Marshall sent to North Africa, the eligibility of the Eisenhower the "eyes and ears". March 6, Barton served as commander of the U.S. Army 2 Bradley, (l $ jτ.cń)], was appointed as the deputy commander of the 2nd Army. March 17, Tunisia Campaign , 2 Army shoulder assists task. April 15, Bradley was promoted to commander and overall command of the 2nd Army combat operations May 7, Bradley led his troops invaded Bizerte. 5 January 13, 2009, all German and Italian troops in North Africa was destroyed, Bradley was ordered to Algiers to to assist Barton fiction Sicily battle plan. June, Bradley was promoted to lieutenant general. early morning of July 10, the cloth Laide Lei rate 2 Army General Patton's U.S. 7th Army compiled participate in the Sicilian campaign (codenamed Husky). According to Montgomery to formulate a battle plan, the U.S. military canceled a nearby landing in Palermo. Bled Ray commanding the 1st Infantry Division attacked Gela 45th National Guard Division attacked the 斯科格利蒂 succeed in landing and roll back the defenders counterattack, (TodayinHistory.cn) Bradley Ministry arrived in the north of the main highway British troops bogged down in Catania. At this point, the U.S. is expected to quickly advance to the northern coast of can outflank Messina, and relieve the British garrison pressure, however, due to obstructions Montgomery Ministry of Bradley was ordered the road give British troops, Bradley realized that the move will allow the U.S. to lose the favorable operational conditions, reducing the status and role of the U.S. military, but still refers to the Barton Hill faithfully execute the command. Barton unauthorized driven temporary military conflict to Palermo, Bradley led his troops across the high mountains and obstacles, continue north July 23, the Ministry of Bradley attack arrived Patel Flamini - Trevor Fraser Coast and Pater Larry Asia, unfortunately, not been able to intercept the withdrawal of German troops from Palermo. The swiftly offensive edge steering Messina implementation of Troy the Inari offensive war in August, Bradley and Patton worked in Sheng Ajia the tower and Buluo Luo implementation amphibious siege. "leapfrog" On August 17, U.S. and British troops have entered Messina (history cn) Axis forces most of the withdrawal of the Italian mainland, the end of the Sicilian campaign In 1944 1
, Bradley, Eisenhower formally appointed the first commander of the Army Group. Operation "Overlord" began in the early morning of June 6, after the landing of airborne troops and the navy and air force fire assault Bradley l group army command of the United States within the British 21st Army Group compiled a successful landing in Omaha and Utah Beach. 1 July, the U.S. capture of Cherbourg Harbour and the Cotentin Peninsula. Jul. 25, Brian Bradley began to consolidate and expand the beachhead was postponed due to bad weather "Cobra" Battle of July 30, the U.S. troops break through the German lines aphthous blanche, 20,000 of the total captured by the Germans, the victory of the end of the Battle.
August 1, of the United States Army and the Third Army to the 12th U.S. Army Group, nearly 400,000 troops, cloth dish the Dire any army group commander. Bradley 8 army swept Bulie Ta Nepal peninsula, the rest of the army along the Caen - Le Mans line start to advance to Paris, Normandy, the German long-range circuitous surrounded At this time, the Germans to Mortain counter-offensive in an attempt to further seize aphthous blanche Bradley found the German tactical error for the Allies to surround and annihilate the Normandy region of the Germans to provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and then change the original plan, organization and implementation of the Falaise surround and annihilate war (Inga Army advance to Falaise and crossed Argenteuil when the Mortain U.S. troops withstood the German counterattack, the U.S. military attack on Le Mans north fold when to let Al) l 9 August, 2011, the Allied forces surrounded the Germans about 12 divisions synergies exist , Allied killed Germans 10,000 prisoners of 50,000, about 40,000 German breakout success of the campaign so that the Germans can not set line of defense along the Seine. Aug. 25, the Allies arrived in the Seine, under the command of Bradley U.S. troops and the French army a liberation of the French capital, Paris. (L $ djτ.cōm)
after the liberation of Paris, Bradley, commanding U.S. forces fast forward, captured the Lance, Sharon, Verdun, Namur arrived in the Siegfried line of defense (ie western barriers "). Oct. 2, the U.S. military Aachen implementation of the two wings surrounded 2l Japanese occupation of Aachen and Liege and other places, but strengthen resistance to the Germans destroyed the port and The lack of gasoline and other supplies for the Allies, the Allied forces were forced to cease their attacks, waiting for logistical Bradley in September 22 the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers combat meeting plan adopted by Eisenhower on Oct. 18, that the 12th Army Group, the two-pronged assault Rhine (1 $ djτ.cōm).: Bradley to a departure from Aachen to Cologne and Bonn offensive, one by Saar to Frankfurt advance thereafter jointly northward, surrounded Ruhr area; Montgomery eliminate Caird Bay Candi from Chennai regret the root to the southeast of assault, directed at the Ruhr area. November 8 (? v history today? ? com) Bradley started the implementation of the juice plan, but the progress is not smooth (τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm)
1944 12 16, 2009, the Germans concentrated about 24 divisions, 1,000 aircraft, launched a counter attack to the Ardennes, and hit Hodges Ministry Bradley underestimated the possibility of the Germans launched a counter attack in the Ardennes The next day, Bradley and Eisenhower and other people in the analysis of the German offensive, clear the the Allied main Thousands Service: (1) to withstand sudden Rue Deng mountain from the north and south of the Germans, (2) control is located in the throat routes west to St. Vitus and Bastogne ③ along the the Maas river banks organized resistance German offensive forward headquarters in Luxembourg by a serious threat to the Bradley, Eisenhower also urged the forward headquarters retreat in Verdun. (L $ djτ.ЙЁT) Bradley fearing the move Dongyaojunxin the rejected December 8, (lssdjt.cn) Bradley decisive command Hodges Ministry U-turn south, Barton Ministry turned north, engaged the Germans 22, Barton began to attack from the south to the north, the fight against the Germans protrusions 23, the Allies began against the German fierce air assault order to win the support of the British troops, Eisenhower Bradley under the jurisdiction of the United States Army and Ninth Army temporarily transferred scribe Montgomery Montgomery until 1945 January attack (τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm)
1945, 31, 2009, the Allies joined forces in Houffalize, regain protrusion, the Germans back to the initial line of defense in the Battle of the Bulge Allied to the cost of 77,000 casualties and 120,000 German casualties. according to 艾森蒙威尔 March 21 order, Bradley, comprehensive battle plan of the organization and implementation of the "low-key" and "navigation", led his troops tide over the Rhine to Frankfurt, advancing, and later efforts to advance Kassel. allies finally defeated Nazi Germany's plan is proposed by the Rhine Berger meeting: U.S. 9th Army Group Army l north-south pincer attack to surround and annihilate the Ruhr area the Germans, and later joined forces in Pader Kripas - Kassel region thereafter, (lssjt.cn), Bradley will command the 1st Army, 3rd Army Group 9 car from Kassel to launch a large-scale offensive to wear over central Germany, reaching as far as the Elbe River and the Soviet Gean relative; cover North Wing, Ministry of Montgomery northward advance, across the Elbe, reaching as far as the border of Denmark; Devers cover the southern wing, moving southeast, reaching as far as Austria. major plan jointly proposed by Eisenhower and Bradley was called "Bradley plans March 28
, Bradley directed the implementation of the plan. 1 April British troops captured Paderborn and complete the encirclement of the German Ruhr area. 4 April, the troops of the 12th Army Group, all owned by built 4 Army (first U.S. l, 3,5,9,15 group army) strength of about 1.3 million, which is the largest in U.S. military history of Army Group cloth dish Bradley in order to close the command of the army group headquarters moved to Wiesbaden, Germany April 18, surrounded the German surrender 320,000 West line of the German commander-in-chief Mordell shot himself Before this, April 6, Bradley is ordered to continue Huige the East into the long drive 120 miles from Kassel to the Elbe, the Army's goals were Leipzig, the Elbe the other side the bridgehead and Mulder River. Apr. 13, Elbe German lines by the full range of breakthrough Bradley immediately prepared to implement the second phase of the battle plan, (lsjt.org) to stop the German Alps To this end, he ordered the the Barton Ministry continues moving southeast, reaching as far as Linz and the Danube, cover Barton rightwing Devers Ministry through the Nuremberg and Munich eastward advance fled Norway. April 15, the Allies attacked Germany last general offensive of April 26, the U.S. military and the Soviet Torgau on the Elbe River officially joined forces on May 7, Nazi Germany's unconditional surrender in August,
1945, Bradley became the United States Secretary for the Veterans Administration in November 1947, as the U.S. Army chief of staff in August 1949, Bradley was promoted to chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, shortly after part-time Chairman of the NATO Military Committee and its Chairman of the Standing Committee in 1950 In September, Bradley was promoted to the rank of admiral in the United States. Bradley in the term of office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, participated in planning and organizing and commanding the Korean War.
in 1981, Bradley His major works include "the story of a soldier of Washington's death. (history. com)

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