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October 15.1814-Russian poet Lermontov's Birthday

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October 15, 1814 (Awake third) in September, the Russian poet Lermontov's Birthday.

Russian poet Lermontov's Birthday
Russian poet Lermontov's Birthday
Russian poet Lermontov's Birthday "target =" _blank "> the Lermontov
Russian poet Lermontov was born October 15, 1814, died July 1, 1841, live only 27 years old but in the history of Russian literature, but his contribution is immortal, [lssjt.cn] Following after Pushkin, Russia first half of the 19th century an important poet
Lermontov was born in Moscow, a retired officer of the family, his childhood mother died, to live with his grandmother in the side investigation Province Taerhannai village. 1828, he entered the University of Moscow subsidiary boarding secondary school, and in 1830 transferred to the Department of Literature home environment to make his temperament melancholy withdrawn, but very intelligent. poems, written when he was 15 years old, "the Turks plaintive express this loneliness and grief in 1832, he was forced to leave the Moscow State University for participating in the boycott reactionary professor activities, to Peter Fort officer school after graduation to become officers of the Praetorian Guard Hussars. observed Petersburg high society, Lermontov's creation gradually to the development of critical realism he wrote in 1835 drama "Kamen dance "and the long poem" big noble Orsha, aristocratic social hypocrisy, dark and inequality expose and satire in particular, in January 1837, the great poet Pushkin duel died, Lai Mengtuo immediately wrote the death of the poet, the poem expose killed Pushkin Czar around a group of villains planning a despicable conspiracy first hard-edged political lyrics, Gorky as "the most powerful Russian poetry a poem It marked the Lermontov is already a mature critical realist poet.
"poet of the dead," a poem offend the court of Tsar Nicholas I in 1837, the arrest of Lermontov and he was exiled to the Caucasus until 1838, due to the activities of the poet Ru Kefu Chomsky and others before they were allowed to return to St. Petersburg in exile, he became acquainted with the December partisan exile where access to the mountain folk oral literature, have a huge impact on his thinking and literary creation, creation of more than four hundred first captivating poems in particular, began writing the novel in 1838 "contemporary hero, for the beginning of the Russian Social psychological novel the
1840, [L $ djτ.ЙЁT] Lermontov duel with the French minister's son arrested, exiled to the Caucasus. again the following year, his illness to Paget Gore Trask convalescence duel, and the retired Major 玛尔廷诺夫 died. tsarist government murder of a progressive poet planning. Lermontov engaged in literary activity time is not long, but he inherited the tradition of Pushkin, Russia, 19th century middle of criticism the realism literature prosperity from the future.
Lermontov pro hand-painted paintings, the content is the memories of the Caucasus.

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