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October 15.1915-Israel "brain dead" Prime Minister Shamir's birthday

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(Mao, September seventh day), October 15, 1915, the Israeli "brain dead" Prime Minister Shamir's birthday. of

Israel "brain dead" Prime Minister Shamir's birthday
Israel "brain dead" Prime Minister Shamir's birthday
Israel "brain dead" Prime Minister Shamir's birthday
Israel "brain dead" Prime Minister Shamir's birthday
Israel "brain dead" Prime Minister Shamir's birthday
Israel "brain dead" Prime Minister Shamir's birthday
1948 the Shamir's Birthday "target =" _blank "> Shamir exile, his wife and son photo 1915 10 15
Yitzhak Reyes Courtenay Nowitzki (Shamir) was born in eastern Poland, a man named Kurtz Neuilly small village. Reyes Courtenay Nowitzki's early education, is spent in the school run by the Jews of Poland.
Reyes Courtenay Nowitzki high school, joined the youth organization of the "beta" (Zionism movement), to promote the ideology of Zionism, the re-establishment of the Jewish State and actively rushing to show their vow to enduring Zionism determination, he changed his own name to "Shamir" in Hebrew means "stone", "hard objects" in 1935, against Germany and France, Shamir decided to interrupt the professional attending the Faculty of Law of the University of Warsaw, Poland, to bid farewell to their parents, then under the British Mandate Palestine a man came to the following year, Shamir join the Jewish military armed groups while studying at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the the "Yi Ergong". then in the secret state advocated by the extreme violent means to resolve the disputes of the Jews and the Arabs, while strongly opposed to the British Mandate of Palestine.
after the outbreak of World War II. " Yier Gong "majority of the members to participate in the allied forces, to stop the anti-British struggle (on TodayOnHistory.com) Shamir hardliners still adhere to the original position of the United Kingdom hated 1940, he and Abraham the Group of the Stern separate "Siteenbang violence, called" Jagged group advocated by more brutal means against all obstacles, including the United Kingdom, Zionism force in 1941, Shamir was arrested by the British police, after escaped in 1942, Stern was killed by the British police, Shamir over his duties to become the leader of the organization, he will "Siteenbang changed its name to "fight for Israel Freedom Fighters Organization, vowed to avenge the victims of the comrades. waited for two years, the opportunity finally came, Shamir assassinate its men in Cairo, Egypt, responsible for the Middle East affairs, the British Secretary of State Mo Lord this look, (Lssdjt.com) Shamir became a wanted felon, but he has not let go in 1946, he, together with Zionism activist Menachem, in the British army headquarters location King David Hotel in Jerusalem manufacturing shocking bombing, resulting in the death of 91 people, more than 50 people seriously injured. Shamir was apprehended and remanded to jail, then exiled to Eritrea in 1948, two years after return to Palestine, Shamir with great hatred, and the assassination of opposition to the holy city of Jerusalem as the Israeli part of the United Nations peace coordinator - Sweden Falk Earl. twice engaged in assassinations, [L $ djτ.ЙЁT] Shamir become Western "archenemy" May 14, 1948, founding of Israel was forced to disband (the l $ jτ.cń) Shamir "to fight the Israeli freedom fighters" Shamir started in business, but he is not a businessman to spare and are not interested in doing business, he's saying to myself, this time "just in goof", "It is frustrating, very unpleasant seven years. "In 1955, Shamir give up the business in favor of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad to find an errand. Mossad, Israel's many intelligence agencies and the most famous one. poor business sand Kashmir find useless here. actively work hard, never tired, showed extraordinary talent and wisdom work impressive, Shamir repeatedly get promoted, the official Mossad Deputy Secretary, responsible for the large number of intelligence organizations day-to-day work, and won the boss praise May 1965, (the L $ djτ.cōm) Shamir outstanding students Elie Hu Ben Shao Ergong Mashiqianti Syrian authorities hanged, [lsjt.net] Israel the shock ruling and opposition parties, (lsjt.net) Shamir was forced to resign, say goodbye to the Mossad career. entering politics in 1970, the right-wing opposition led by Jiaru Bei Jing Jia Haer Group, ".
once reporter asked Shamir: "What is your biggest hobby?" Shamir replies without hesitation: "political." Indeed, Shamir interested in politics just a "Jia Haer Group, he was elected a member of the Board is responsible for immigration and the organization of 1973, Shamir was elected as a Member, respectively, of any defense, foreign affairs and audit committee members in the same year, Shamir the auxiliary Zuobei Beijing, Jia Haer Group "and" Freedom Center "," National Party "," Greater Israel Party and other right-wing political parties to unite to form the Israel National Liberal Union, Likud, for party in the future to compete and defeat the Labor Party has laid the foundation for long-term sit tight Israeli politics. Likud took first place in the general election in June 1977, Shamir any Speaker in March 1980 to join the cabinet as foreign minister in 1983 September, Menachem worries outside the storm to said disease resigned from the dual role of the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Likud, Shamir's successor, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, was elected as the leader of the Likud. then form a coalition government with the Labor Party, in power rotation In March 1990, Perez headed the Israeli Labor Party endorsed the "Middle East peace plan put forward by U.S. Secretary of State James Baker, (lssjt.cn) Shamir Peres, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance office released rage Peres, accompanied by nine other Labour cabinet ministers resigned collectively, the collapse of the coalition government. Subsequently, the Israeli Knesset passed a motion of no confidence on the Shamir government, Shamir Israel since the founding of the first Parliament ousted the prime minister. Shamir in the minds of Israelis, known for their strong, uncompromising Arabs take a tough three no's policy "not withdraw from the occupied Arab territories and the third Middle East war in 1967 , "does not recognize the Palestine Liberation Organization", "does not recognize Jerusalem as part of the Arab territories" Palestinian people his teeth.
Shamir domestic tree many political opponents. Likud within others accused him of "stubborn", "brain-dead" every cabinet meeting, he is straight to the point, to go straight, then the long, no words are short, did not look human touch. (lssdjt. cn)
Shamir even the account of the United States dare not buy the United States has supported Israel is a strategic ally of Israel, but in the United States to pressure Israel to make appropriate concessions to the Arabs in the Middle East peace talks , Shamir still for Americans Numuxiangxiang, the great light their fire. nonetheless he shall not, had to watch his own way. (l $ djτ.ōrɡ)] Shamir in
life, and yet another kinds of image: affable, gentle. Shamir and his wife have a son and a daughter in Israel, a well-known electronic communications equipment company president, a secondary school teachers. Shamir extremely introverted personality, not sociable, prefer to stay at his spare time home his frugal life, do not pay attention to dress and suits are always wrinkled. Shamir incorruptible government in Israel's reputation. taboo luxury, frugality, won the affection of his staff, but the work initiated temper, will roar like thunder, disowned June,
in 1992, Likud in the general election Mingluosunshan after Shamir did not feel depressed. Labour Party and the Likud as the two major political parties, the paries , often, Shamir, this could not be clearer, but he was most worried about their own advanced age, Likud successors his greatest wish is to find a good inner-party successor Shamir see on young, talented Netanyahu after various efforts, Shamir relied on their own high prestige within the Likud, both soft and hard, and finally within's ranked number one, come to the fore, to achieve their long-cherished wish. This, Shamir finally feel at ease quit politics the May
in 1996, the Israeli election, Likud defeated Labour came to power. reporter interviewed Shamir, and asked him to have to see how. (lsjt.org) Shamir saw small eyes narrowed, looking as solemn, but clearly more than a hint of a smile less visible, gently but firmly replied: "All to be expected, it is not surprising."
1948 the Shamir exile returned home with their children and happiness embracing the fifties
, of intimacy couple of Shamir in Tel Aviv.
; the loving grandfather Shamir and grandchildren shared their grandchildren in 1981,
Shamir went to Cairo to attend the funeral of Anwar Sadat, his condolences to Mubarak. < br>
1983, Shamir Vatican called on the pope.

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