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October 15.1917-Peking University introduced the subject selection system

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(Dimba August 30), October 15, 1917, Peking University, began to implement the system of selection of subjects.

1917 10 15, Peking University convened the meeting, resolved to proceed with the academic reform in accordance with the American university system, the system of selection of subjects. Specific Regulations seven: one system of preparation there are subjects. Second, students learning full number of units for graduation, do not have to arrest a given year. Three, units of matriculation forty, three-fourths will learning Branch, a quarter for the selection of subjects. The selection of subjects chosen by the matriculation Director of specified degree. , 80 per undergraduate, half as will learning Branch, half for the selection of subjects, five undergraduate students into the school, are required to fix an undergraduate professor of human mentor. Six elective subjects a series tyranny of the door, the more important relationship when Kaneharu and specialists, its still willing to rule him beside scholars also listen to the. 7, where the average score of the previous school year in the A-level, the school year may be chosen selection of subjects required by up to units. This is our line selection of subjects made the start.

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