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October 15.1917-Dutch double agent Mata Hari was the French army shot

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October 15, 1917 (, Dimba August 30), the Dutch double agent Mata Hari shot of the French army. Mata Hari (Mata Hari, 1876, August 7, 2011 -1917 years 10, 15 May),

Dutch double agent Mata Hari was the French army shot
Dutch double agent Mata Hari was the French army shot
Dutch double agent Mata Hari was the French army shot
Dutch double agent Mata Hari was the French army shot
Dutch double agent Mata Hari was the French army shot

Mata Hari Dutch Maha Reita Hurt The stage name of the radar · invokes an alliance (Margaretha Geertruida Zelle), is a well-known socialite in the early 20th century, during the First World War and European multinational military and political figures, celebrities have associated the final in Paris, the German espionage charges by the French army shot. The
war and politics, ultimately, money and betrayer. The people who called for a national intelligence gathering spy, this is a very dangerous, but the work of literary works and the TV movie depicted prestige stimulation, is a able to get a lot of money.
Mata Hari is 20 centuries the most famous female spy driven by money, her money when a time when the First World War. Then rely mainly on the war is infantry and artillery, always have a great casualties each battle, so the war both sides desperately like to know each other's intelligence.
Harry provided to German intelligence so that hundreds of thousands of French soldiers lost their lives on the battlefield. In 1917, the French past famous dancer woman shot, she was found guilty of espionage.
her betrayal of patriotism or political unrelated, just because she was too fond of money. She was also working for the Germans and the French national spy agencies the most hated and most headache - a double agent.
Mata Hari before the outbreak of the war once a famous dancer, the upper class elite of Paris, is sought after by many nobles and wealthy merchants. Son buddies how much was spent on her, nobody could ever count. She had never thought about what frugality, she wanted to just fully enjoy life while you're young. Rich, she never for the money committed worry, and is little need of her own money.
However, women will always aging. When her body started to deform, his eyes float to the surface wrinkles, she felt a trace of anxiety, she was 40 years old. Many nobles already have a new goal, they were younger, more beauty. Mata Hari is still the same as in the past profligacy, when she began to feel the economic difficulties, when World War I broke out. The
she was the looting of the German countryside houses, she deposits, jewelry and fur army as booty. She cursed, but to no avail, she began to think through the other way to make money.
Although she has been in communication field is a thing of the past, were retired, but there is still a lot of transfer gossip friends, she began to use the woman's advantage to inquire about the grapevine, and be trafficking. Some officials of the German government in the past a very good relationship with her, so the French government hired her to inquire some news about Germany. Her efforts to work for some time, she felt very full, not only to support themselves, but also to express their patriotic enthusiasm, hear "La Marseillaise" when she even moved to tears, because she is also the tens of millions of people to defend the motherland in a. the
"La Marseillaise" Rouge de Lille
One day, the German intelligence officers found her, I hope she can help Germany to obtain intelligence, that is to say, do a double agent . Began her also feel that this is inappropriate, but soon she would like to hear the German price. Her in France, although hard to do, but after all, just an ordinary spy, she did not know how much profitable to do a double agent.
in the living room of the home of Mata Hari, the German spy out two fingers, gently shook. Thousand? Twenty thousand? Marta uncontrollable ecstasy, German spies no doubt in her mind is the incarnation of money.

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