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October 15.1929-Chen Duxiu cancel doctrine bankruptcy

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October 15, 1929, September 13 (Baba), Chen Duxiu cancel 'bankruptcy. ,

1929 10 15, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee made a "resolution on the opposition within the party opportunism with the Trotskyist opposition, criticized the theory of Trotsky opposition pointed out that the party within Chen Duxiu opportunism Trotsky opposition into the fundamental problems of the Chinese revolution cancel 'point of view. " "They oppose the Comintern entire route; cancel the anti-feudal, anti-imperialist struggle, denying shaken with the beginning of the revolutionary struggle of the revival of the ruling class, so fundamental to the revolution are canceled. Therefore, the natural strategy advocated to cancel all very struggle resolution instructions advocates within the party of peace, and all incorrect ideas have the right to free publicity in the party. "Resolution" seriously critical the Chen Duxiu Trotskyism views and anti-party separatist activities, pointed out that Chen Duxiu must obey the resolution of the central stop all anti-party propaganda and activities. after the release of the
resolution within the party has been working with Chen opportunist the prop Chen cancel faction do unremitting struggle, the central called on all party comrades into line, and resolutely support the central resolution, see ideology within the party canceled and all anti- Party organization. However, Chen Duxiu stubbornly adhere to the Trotskyist stance not to accept the party's warning, to continue anti-party activities. In this case, the CPC Central Committee Chen Duxiu removed from the party. was expelled after
Chen Duxiu, open with the Trotskyites Liu Renjing et al colluding cancel sent up the prop Chen, the so-called "Chinese Communist Party leftist opposition. Prop Chen cancel the camp's program openly Bong Trotsky as leader in the establishment of a central authority, elected Chen Duxiu as secretary. They distort the nature of Chinese society and the Chinese revolution, and attack the Agrarian Revolutionary War, harps cancel 'hackneyed, the opposition and the people in revolution.

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