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October 15.1947-The world's first supersonic aircraft - jet test flight

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October 15, 1947, the first two days of September (Chinese New Year), the world's first supersonic aircraft - jet aircraft flight test.

first aircraft, propeller aircraft, this aircraft, although scientists continue to explore and improve, but it was not until 1939, its flight speed of only up to 755 kilometers per hour. Aircraft blade tip rotation speed and aircraft flight speeds exceeding km altitude dive speed will become faster, and almost the speed of sound propagation, that is about 1227 kilometers. Aircraft in front of the air will cause severe fluctuations, the aircraft resistance is increased, the body will shake up the mess, plane crash, so there is a period of time, the speed of sound became a flight speed of insurmountable obstacles. called "sound barrier".
how to make aircraft fly faster? scientists have been exploring. After a period of study, they find a way out from the aircraft engine invented the jet aero-engine. Namely the use of the reaction force of the engine itself, the high-speed jet gas stream, and to advance the aircraft aviation engine. The thrust of this engine, light weight, small size, head-on, and is suitable for high-altitude and high-speed flight. Scientists to improve the appearance of the aircraft, the fuselage is designed to be thin and long, very sharp head, wing changed like swallows wings swept, so that we can reduce the resistance. After trial and error, and finally made supersonic aircraft. October 15, 1947, the United States a rocket plane successfully carried out the world's first supersonic flight. This is a big step forward in the history of human aviation.

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